Monday, August 2, 2010

Sweeter Than Honey Weight Loss Challenge

Many folks in efforts to be more health conscious and consume fewer processed foods are making the move towards honey rather than white sugar.

This is a good idea in that honey has small amounts of minerals, enzymes, amino acids and even vitamins as well as being very easy to digest. Consuming honey from your local area can also help you fight allergies.

Eating honey after a workout can actually help refuel your body when combined with a protein...and adding small amounts of honey to the water you drink during a grueling workout (not a walk around the block) can help keep your energy up.

Honey doesn't seem to put most of us on the roller coaster ride of the massive sugar high and subsequent crash that refined sugar does...although I wouldn't eat massive quantities to test that theory!

So what is the weight loss challenge with this sweet foodstuff? It isn't with the real is with the faux honey...the imposters out there.

I'm a big label reader, but when it comes to the "honey bear" I always assumed he (she?) was filled with the healthy nectar. Turns out that may not be the case...

According to the National Honey Board packages that are strikingly similar to the real honey bear are making their way onto our grocers' shelves...filled with honey-flavored syrup--there may be little to no honey in them thar b'ars!

Is nothing sacred?

Sugar always poses a big challenge to folks wanting to reach their health, fitness and weight loss goals...and we read lots of labels knowing that sugar is hidden in so many packaged products...but we may have been lax when it comes to reaching for the bear or other honey packages.

The good news is reading a label to check for honey purity is easy...if it's real there's only 1 ingredient: honey!

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