Friday, January 29, 2010

Weight Loss Tip: Celebrate Every Success—Even When You Feel Like *&^%

This week the focus has been on exercising even when you feel like *&^%...of course I’ve never been there ;-) We talked about the importance of having a mini workout, why you might be subconsciously not wanting to work out, about learning to read the messages your body is sending you and shifting your focus to help you feel mentally better as well as physically. These are all fantastic tools you can use on your weight loss journey.

Today I want to encourage you to celebrate all these matter how big or how small you think it is.

Even if the only exercise you did today is 5 minutes, I encourage you to celebrate it. If your first inclination was not to move at all, then you have made a step towards your weight loss goals which is awesome.

More important than that even is that you kept a promise to yourself!

How many times have you promised yourself that you would lose weight, eat right, exercise? And how many times have you broken that promise to yourself?

It is important that we develop a new habit...a habit of making small promises that we keep. That helps stop the little voice inside that reminds you of all the times you didn’t keep your promise.

A crucial element to the success of his new habit is celebrating your success at keeping the promise. Don’t choose to belittle your success by saying it was small or easy. Give yourself a big pat on the back, a round of applause! Woo Hoo! You are moving forward! You can do it! You ARE doing it! This time IS different!

Do something every day...even on days when you just don’t feel some little something every day that moves you towards your health goals...and then CELEBRATE it! Build up that database of successes. Write it down so you remember later: Wow! Today I did 5 things that moved me towards my health goals. Or Fantastic—today I moved forward with my fitness goals!

When you move forward and take care of your body and treat yourself will naturally make more and more decisions that are healthy. You will choose better foods and choose to move—even just a few minutes more than you might have otherwise.

And as you learn to listen to your body you will know when you are truly sick and should just get back to bed—and that is to be celebrated too. By NOT listening to your body in the past you allowed it to get into the condition it NOW listening to it, you can make dramatic, healthy improvements and you WILL achieve the healthy, energetic, slender body you deserve—and that is surely something to celebrate!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shift Your Focus to Feel Better and Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

All week I’ve been writing about exercising even when you don’t feel like it. How developing a mini workout for those days is a great idea to keep you on track for your goals and to teach you to listen to your body.

That’s all great, but if you are going to mope around and focus on your pain or nose or whatever ailment you have during that mini workout you won’t get the maximum benefit from it.

A major part of your plan should include deciding you are going to shift your focus from not feeling good to something—anything—that feels better, that gives you a little bit of pleasure.

For example, you might go for a stroll around the block for your mini workout. If during that stroll you continue to think about how bad you feel...your aches, pains, stuffy nose, whatever...chances are really good that you will just feel worse when you get back to your front door.

What if you allowed yourself to be distracted for those 5 minutes? What if you consciously choose to look for things to distract you from your discomfort? You notice the blue sky, the fluffy clouds, the birds singing, kids playing, the music playing on your iPod, the pretty flowers, interesting shapes and patterns, the scent of a neighbor’s wood fire. ...Now when you get back home you probably feel a bit better...maybe even a lot better...just because you took your mind off feeling bad!

So now you get the double benefit of moving your body and feeling emotionally better—because you made a decision to feel better! Practice distracting yourself when you don’t feel good...not with food, but by noticing things around you that you appreciate, things that are beautiful, pretty, pleasing to you in some way.

As you practice this “art of distraction” you can shift that into looking for things to appreciate all the time. Doing this you will notice that you feel better more and more of the time.

This is not to say that you will feel on top of the world all the time...that’s not a realistic goal...but when we feel better we find it easier to stick with our weight loss goals. This is different from feeling numb...from pushing down our negative feelings...this is one tip that can actually help you to feel good!

And speaking of feeling good...check back tomorrow when I talk about celebrating your success!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Loss Success Tip: Learn to Read the Signals from Your Body

I was really good at ignoring the signals from my didn’t serve me, but I didn’t realize that at the time. I thought I was being a “good soldier” marching on, pushing through pain and illness...but what I found was I got hurt or I got really such a degree that I couldn’t workout for weeks or even months. Obviously this did not help me in maintaining my health, fitness or weight loss goals.

Many of us are in the same boat—we ignore the messages our body is sending—we eat even when our body is full, we sit on the couch when our body wants to move, we stay awake when our body tells us to sleep, or we march on when we need to rest.

Exercising is a type of stress. We stress our muscles when we exercise. This is not a bad just is. To increase our muscles we actually (literally) tear them down a little. Then when they grow back they are stronger. But our body also needs rest in order for the muscles to rebuild.

Sometimes our lives are so stressful that we just can’t physically handle a workout. On the other hand, sometimes by getting in a good workout, we actually RELIEVE stress—especially if our stress is more emotionally based.

That’s another reason to have a mini workout plan that you can activate on days when you feel like you can’t or don’t want to exercise.

So if you normally workout for 15 or 20 minutes a day...have a 5 minute might be casual stroll around the block, or deep breathing and yoga poses.

If after the 5 minutes you feel drained then listen to your body and stop. If you feel better, then try another minute. Keep checking in with your body...if you are feeling good go for another minute, if not: stop. By checking in and listening to your body you will begin to know the signals it is sending and sometimes, practically without knowing it, you will have done 15 or 20 minutes when you started out with the intention to only do 5!

An important part of this is to not dwell on feeling like *&^% while exercising. Tomorrow we’ll talk about shifting your focus to other things.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For Weight Loss Success Move a Little Even When You Don’t Feel Like It: Why????

Yesterday I encouraged you to come up with a plan that you can take on the days when you don’t feel your best so you can move a bit more than you would maybe want to, but not as much as your normal workout routine.

Today I want to explain a bit about WHY this is important.

We create patterns in our lives...and sometimes those patterns, or habits, are not in our best interests. Many of us have developed a pattern of not it is possible that we wake up “not feeling good” as a way to avoid having to exercise.

Why would you want to avoid exercising when you have made a commitment to improving your health?

Pleasure: it could be you are not enjoying the exercising you are doing.
Interest: it could be you are bored—you’ve been doing the same routine for too long

Either of these reasons will lead you to want to pull the covers over your head...and if the only way you have given yourself permission to not exercise is to be sick or injured, you can actually manifest an illness or injury that will keep you sidelined.

On the flip side of this, if your body is really sick and sending messages to take it easy and you disregard those messages and push through the pain you could make yourself more sick or injure yourself.

By moving a little bit, you are sending a message to your subconscious that you are serious about meeting your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

By making it a mini workout you are taking it easy and being gentle on your body...and allowing for the possibility that you will feel moving around (you may be surprised at how often this is the case!) You are also mixing up your routine a bit which can help if boredom with your routine is part of the problem. At the same time, by being gentle you are taking care of your body and by slowing down it gives you an opportunity to listen to and learn from your body thereby minimizing the chance of injury or illness.

So whether you are not feeling good physically, or it is an emotional, subconscious effort to avoid exercising, by coming up with a mid-level plan you can move towards your weight loss goals and have the success you are looking for!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how this helps us learn to read the signals our body gives us...and why that’s important.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I Feel Like Cr—ud, Do I Really Need to Exercise Today to Have Weight Loss Success?

Don’t feel like exercising because you don’t feel your best? Pretty common condition...whether it is from the common cold, or over indulging, or over doing, fill in the blank...there are plenty of reasons we might not feel so hot.

The question is, do we use those reasons as “excuses” to opt out of our exercise routine or do we push through?

I used to think it was one or the other—that if I couldn’t work out to my fullest, then what was the point? I had lots of coaches tell me “no pain, no gain”...and I still hear that from some big named fitness gurus out there.

Now I know better. Maybe it is wisdom that comes with age...but really it is also wisdom that comes from having lots of injuries as a result of pushing through instead of paying attention to the messages from my body.

That doesn’t mean that just because you don’t feel at your peak you should throw in the towel and hit the snooze button.

Think about a way to have some middle course of action...some plan that lies between a full-on workout and crawling back into bed.

Make a commitment to move your body just a little bit matter how you feel physically, mentally or emotionally. I call this the “one jumping jack theory”...whether it is literally doing one jumping jack, or it is 5 minutes of stretching, or a short stroll around the block, pick some small step you can take that is more than doing nothing, but less than your normal workout.

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about WHY this is an important tool to have in your weight loss success arsenal!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrate Your Weight Loss Success

So often in the past when I was trying to lose weight I would forget to celebrate my successes. Actually, it isn't that I would forget them, I completely discounted them! If I lost 5 pounds instead of being happy and congratulating myself on that accomplishment I would look at what I had left to lose.

That meant I was taking a positive event and turning it into a negative one!

Girl, did that have to change if I wanted to have permanent weight loss results!

I started creating a list of things that I can do to celebrate my health...and now I use those ideas to help celebrate all sorts of accomplishments.

It used to be the only way I could think of to celebrate was with food...kind of defeats the purpose if you celebrate losing weight by eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's!

Now I have a variety of ways to celebrate--from small ways to big ones. Some are free, others cost a little, and still others are "big ticket" celebrations.

Some are really quick, for an immediate reaction--a celebration could be as simple as "doing the happy dance" or telling a friend who will give you a high five! Other celebrations take a bit more time--maybe like a reward of a bubble bath, or a conversation with a friend over a pot of tea or coffee.

Some celebrations are quiet--time spent reading for example--while others are a bit noisier--like going out dancing.

And you CAN celebrate with food, too. It is about consciously choosing how you want to celebrate and determining what will serve you and your goals. So, it might be splurging on some delicious fruits or a fantastic dinner by candlelight...or going to a restaurant so you get the night off. Know that food can and should be a part of feeling good!

My challenge to you--write a list of at least 10 different ways you can celebrate your weight loss successes (or any success for that matter!) Make sure to have a variety of things...some big, some small, some free...then use that list. Who knows, you may find you have something to celebrate every day!

And come back here and let me know what some of your ideas were!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lose 8 Pounds in 2 Weeks with Mayo Clinic: Diet or Life Change?

The Mayo clinic is publishing their first diet book in which they claim you can lose 8 pounds in 2 weeks (average figures).

Of course Mayo does suggest that this isn't really a diet but a guide for healthy living. They break the program into 2 parts Lose It and Live It.

So what's in the Lose It plan?

For two weeks you make a total of 15 changes:
  • Add 5 healthy habits
  • Break 5 unhealthy habits
  • Adopt 5 bonus habits
For example, you might eat breakfast every day...that's a healthy habit just in case you were wondering ;-) You can read some of my past posts about the importance of eating breakfast

Of course one of the unhealthy habits you can dump is drinking soda--whether it is regular or sugar free this is one habit that should be at the top of your list to discard--you can read some of my thoughts on soda consumption -- and this is coming from a recovered soda drinker--I used to drink a 6 pack a day (of the diet stuff...baaaad habit.)

In the Live It phase you apply lessons you've learned from the Lose It portion to your life permanently.

One of the tips that I think is helpful if you have trouble with portion control is using visual cues to help remember what a real portion is. I've seen this before with a deck of cards or your palm for a portion of meat, but they offered other tips like a tennis ball as a visual reference for a piece of fruit (think small apple, not jumbo!)

If you want a jump start and can stick to 15 changes for 2 weeks this may be a good book for you.

For me, I'll stick to small changes one or two at a time...because those I know I'll be able to keep! 15 changes to remember and stick to all at once sounds like a diet to me, even if they are good ideas.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Low Carb Diets Can Lead to Weight Gain Not Weight Loss Success

I don't recommend dieting in general, because it is short-term...and achieving healthy, permanent weight loss success is a long-term relationship! Think of dieting as speed dating and weight loss success is going for the golden anniversary of marriage!

I digress...what I wanted to talk about today is low carb diets...short term or long term (if you think of diet in the definition of what you eat as opposed to what you eat to lose weight.)

While I know many people have dropped pounds while on low carb diets there are others who have one diet works for every body.

Where I caution people who ask me about low carb diets is to make sure they understand what carbs are, and why having carbs in our diet is important.

The best and easiest way to reduce your carbs is to focus on the SIMPLE carbohydrates in your diet. That's the "white stuff"--refined white flour and sugar (which does by lots of different names, but that's a whole nother topic!)

These refined simple carbs have no, or extremely little, nutritional value. They truly are empty calories. While they give you some immediate fuel, they also result in a very quick blood sugar drop shortly afterwards. This is the carb craving that so many of us experience...we want the quick sugar boost and we have to keep eating these simple carbs to keep that "high" feeling.

Many people mistakenly think going on low carb diets means they can't have any carbs. First that is next to impossible to achieve. Second, complex carbohydrates are good for us...they provide nutrients we wouldn't get otherwise, they give our bodies fuel, and they give us fiber which keeps our system regular and also helps us feel full.

Another thing about carbs...although I don't count calories, if you do you should know that gram for gram, carbohydrates have fewer calories than protein or fats.

Going on low carb diets if done incorrectly can actually leave you hungry or bored...both of which will backfire in the long run.

So for maximum weight loss success eat plenty of complex carbohydrates. Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and will have the energy you need, feel fuller and more satisfied, and be getting a better balance of nutrients your body needs.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun with Fido Follow Up: More Weight Loss Success Tips

Yesterday I mentioned that a recent study in Great Britain showed that people who have dogs...well, people who WALK their dogs...get more exercise than people who workout at a gym, or on their own.

OK, no big surprise I guess...after all, Fido has to pee and last I checked, is not too keen on the subject of toilet training. My dogs thought of the toilet as a giant water dish, nothing more.

Of course if you have a fenced yard, you can let Rover roam there and do his business...but still getting out with him and moving both your bodies is a fantastic experience. Whether it is running, walking, or playing long as you aren't just standing in one place you will be getting exercise and fresh air. A good combo.

Well one of the things that makes exercising with Spot, well spot-on, is that it is fun and short! You don't have to make a huge time commitment out of it which is a HUGE lesson for exercise-phobics and fans alike. Throw on your shoes, grab the leash and take a quick spin around the block a couple times a day and you're good.

Whether you have a dog or not, we can all take this advice to heart. Instead of thinking we have to set aside an hour and have a big routine...break it up. Get 15 minutes in...heck, if you need to, get in 5 minutes several times a day. Every minute that you are moving is a minute that you are getting healthier, fitter...and it all adds up for weight loss success!

The big lessons here for losing weight--small bits of activity are just fine...and have fun--bring some joy into your life when you exercise and you are apt to do it, even if you are pressed for time.

Oh--and if you don't have King to get you moving, you can always "borrow" one...check out your local animal shelter...many of them will have a program where you can help give their animals some love and exercise. OK, that may take a bit more time than the quick trip around the block, but it is a way to get fit, get some love, and give back all at the same time!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Have Fun, Get Fit, Weight Loss Success Tip

Walking is one of the best exercises you can do. It is easy, available to just about everyone, and cheap.

Make sure you have good walking shoes and dress for the weather...this time of year it is cold in Colorado so I wear earmuffs and mittens along with my layers of sweatshirt and light coat. I like to dress in layers so if I want to peel one off, or just unzip a bit I have that option.

I love walking outdoors...I find places that give me a lot of pleasure...I like looking at ponds and wildlife, peoples' gardens, although this time of year that is not as exciting as it will be in another couple of months. I enjoy seeing the clear blue sky, the snow capped mountains, hearing the geese as they honk and fly overhead. I thrill at the romping dogs or kids playing in the park or school grounds.

Find a couple routes that give you pleasure.

And speaking of dogs...if you have one, take him or her will give both of you exercise and a lot of pleasure. If you don't have one...well...maybe this isn't a good enough reason all by itself to get a dog, but a study conducted in Great Britain indicates that dog owners happily get more exercise in--just from walking their dogs than people who use a gym or workout on their own!

So if the main reason you are not getting a dog is financial, maybe you should save the gym fees and get a four-legged exercise buddy! I guarantee you'll get a lot more love from your canine companion than the gym!

Back to the study...they showed that dog owners actually got in up to 6 hours more exercise every week than the gym goers. Interesting...why is that? Because they were having fun!

Here's the bottom line, if you are forcing yourself to exercise because you "should," then you probably aren't having a lot of fun with it. Remember being a kid and you had recess? You ran and played and had loads of fun...and got lots of exercise from that playing.

The best exercise for losing weight is one where you have fun! Whether that is by walking your dog, playing with the kids, dancing to music, or just enjoying being out in nature be sure to include some fun in your exercise routine and you will be more apt to keep at it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beat Weight Loss Challenges: Small Steps for Big Results

Frequently we start a new year with great intentions and since we want to achieve big things we assume we have to make big changes or changes in every area of our life all at once. And because it is the "New Year" and we get resolution fever we might actually do it for a while.

But now it is the middle of the month and most people have already "fallen off the wagon"...and because they had such high expectations and placed such high demands upon themselves, that fall is also big...and it hurts!

If you fell off or never got on, you are in luck! You can successfully lose weight--and keep it off permanently--by making small changes.

I remember when I first was told this I was not ready. I wanted results NOW. Because I thought small changes would take too long to get results I kept going for the big bang. Fast forward 20 years and I was still struggling with my weight and looking to get big results!

A couple years ago I changed tactics. I decided to not diet and started making small changes--and guess what--it worked! For the first time in my life I am at a healthy weight that I have been able to sustain without torturing myself!!!

Start super small...we've all made promises to ourselves that we didn't keep regarding our diet, our fitness, our health habits, etc. So make one tiny promise that you know you can keep. That helps train your mind that you CAN and WILL keep promises that you make to yourself.

Small promises might mean adding 5 minutes of physical activity to your day. It might be drinking one more glass of clean, pure water every day. It could be cutting out one soft drink or alcoholic beverage a day. Or perhaps it is adding one serving of fresh fruit or vegetables a day.

Small promises can also be mindset oriented, such as saying a positive health affirmation every morning 10 times. It could be an awareness of negative messages you say and turning them around.

All these small changes will lead to weight loss success. Don't try to do them all at one time. Start with one...if that was super easy to keep for an entire week then add another one or two. If you struggled to keep that promise then pick an even simpler one. It isn't as important what the promise is--it is that you keep it that counts.

We're working on our mindset first...and by doing that you WILL have the slender, energetic, healthy body that you step at a time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Law of Attraction and the Biggest Loser for Weight Loss Success

Even the Biggest Loser television show is teaching us the importance of mindset and about the Law of Attraction.

In last night's show, no...I won't give anything away, just in case you are Tivo fans [fanatics?] like me...Jillian told one of the contestants who had some major fear issues this week, that if you don't work through your fers they will come back to haunt you. Not her EXACT words, but the basic gist of it.

Then she told Maria that she is bringing this all on herself.

And she continued working with Maria, telling her, you have to change your are not are strong! You are as strong as anyone else here.

This episode brought out fears and beliefs that contestants had...not just Maria...and I was glad to see how Jillian was helping them get those feelings out.

While I'm not into the in-your-face tactics, I understand that the trainers are working with a limited time. They never know if this will be the last week they have with that person and so they want to make the big break-throughs as quickly as possible.

So I was very glad to see these sorts of conversations happening on the show and I hope they will encourage viewers to also have the conversations with themselves. That is part of the secret to permanent weight loss success--changing your beliefs, facing (and feeling!) the emotions and using your positive thoughts to change your mental habits which then allows you to much more easily change your physical habits.

The biggest challenge we face to losing weight is our mind not our mouth. When we figure out that our mind is in the power seat and that we can change our thoughts...look out! That's the minute, the second, the nano-second that you have gained control and will start to see major, positive changes in your body...and your life!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Biggest Loser Phenomenon

This is the first season I have seen the very first episode of the Biggest Loser...I've decided to watch an entire season...(thank goodness for Tivo!) I can see if there are nuggets that I can use...what works for me and what doesn't.

My first reaction was that it certainly is "good television" in that they edit it and score it to amp the viewer up and keep you watching.

I still have trouble with the whole competitive nature of the show. Is voting someone off every week necessary? I think it is more for the angst that the contestants go through and the fact that you get to like them and don't want to see them voted off (or you don't like them and DO want to see them voted off)...that is all part of the television drama off it. Especially last week when not only was their a traditional vote, but 2 other teams were "eliminated" before they even got to unpack their bags.

I used to be a competitive swimmer...I know I have a competitive streak in me. But, as much as I like to believe that I really was only competing against myself, I remember how demoralizing it could be to lose when you worked hard. It lead to my beating myself up a lot...about not being fast enough, talented enough, good enough.

I wonder if the Biggest Loser was more like swim meets if it would be as successful. After all, we ended up having rivalries like other sports...and you got to face off against your rivals time after time.

Quite a different situation with Biggest Loser where if you don't win you are sent home.

What do you think? Does the threat of being sent home inspire the participant to work harder? Isn't the prize of health (and potentially a lot of money, prestige, improved appearance, a wardrobe etc) enough to get them to work hard?

I believe the threat of being sent home is strictly for the television factor and has little to do with motivating the participants...and can potentially be detrimental to them. If the goal is truly to inspire us, the audience, to be healthier wouldn't it be better for us to see as many examples of success as possible?

What do you think? What do you like about The Biggest Loser? What don't you like? Would you want to be on the show? Why or why not? Are you inspired into action by it? Or are you sitting there on the couch watching it while eating ice cream (or your snack of choice) thinking you can only get healthy if you are ON the show?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge Why Do I Feel Like &*# Today

I had a rough day yesterday...never seemed to quite focus or feel right...and I was wondering why that was. I wanted to eat and sink into bed and do nothing.

This can be a huge challenge to losing weight--not because it happens just once, but if it happens from time to time, there may be a reason for it that you deserve to identify. By figuring out what triggers these moods we can help prevent them in the future.

For me, this particular mood was largely triggered because I got off my normal routine of exercise and affirmations. I always feel better when I do them both.

Yesterday I didn't do my affirmations...I did put other positive things into my brain, but the affirmations and mirror work are a real positive force for me that I missed.

I also got sidetracked and didn't do my 15 minute workout routine.

These 2 things combined started my day "off" and I never quite got back on track even though I worked at it all day.

The point is not to berate myself over this. The point is to learn from it. So, I'm going to be sure I do my 15 minutes and my affirmations today, knowing that I feel better when I do. It would be easy to say "why bother" or "15 minutes can't make that much difference" but I know that it does...and I deserve to feel my best...I am worth spending that 15 minutes on myself!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Counting Calories Just Sucks...and Waist of Time for Weight Loss

I've never liked counting calories, or carbs or fat grams for that matter. But, boy did I.


Until I realized that no only was it sucking away my time and pleasure, it just wasn't working! Counting calories was in the period before I really figured out that diets don't work...I may have had an inkling, but just wasn't convinced.

Is it important to be aware of calories? Well, if you've never looked at calories it might be an eye opener to see comparative values...but generally speaking most people who are counting calories already know that when something is fried it has more calories than that plate of steamed vegetables.

But counting on counting calories to lose weight? Not for me. I did it for years and it doesn't work! For me it was such a negative focus and it became about many calories am I eating and how much exercise do I have to do to burn that off? No thanks!

But here's another reason why counting calories doesn't work--they lie about the calorie content! Who is checking the labels?

Recently a study was conducted of a variety of well-known chain restaurants...looking at the calories they claimed were in their foods and how many they contained. Surprise! They actual count averaged almost 20% higher than what was advertised!

Think you can count on the frozen foods from big name "diet" labels like South Beach Living, Healthy Choice. Think again. Even Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers fell short when it came to accuracy in numbers--they all had on average 8% more calories than claimed.

Is this because of some plot to keep us fat? Probably not. Experts recognize that there are variations in testing methods and small changes in portions and also the human might actually get an extra dollop of mayo on your meal for example.

So is it a waste of time reading the nutritional content when we look at labels or go to restaurants? No! It might be the only thing that gives you a clue that there are "hidden" ingredients in the can give you a general comparative value...just don't believe that it is 100% accurate.

Bottom line--don't count calories. Be aware that some foods have enough calories to meet your minimum daily requirement...but losing weight is not about starts with your mind!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exercise Tips for Weight Loss Success in Cold Weather

Wow is it beautiful out--fresh snow on the ground, bright blue sky. It seems like a great day to be outside...until I look at the thermometer! It is the 2:15 and the temp is a whoppin' 14 degrees Farenheit.

Early this morning, when I do my exercises for the day it was 9 BELOW...brrr...that is cold...

So what kind of exercise is best for weight loss if you can't or don't want to brave that kind of cold?

I do my "Bounce and Shake" routine...which is my favorite. It takes just 15 minutes, it gets me pumping and warmed up. But I also like to mix it up from time to time.

Of course you can do standard sit ups, push ups and jumping jacks...but what other exercises can you do without any special equipment?

I live in a 2-story house, so sometimes I use the staircase like my stair-stepper. I either go all the way up and back down, or I just use the bottom step and alternate stepping up and down. Up with left foot, up with right foot, down left, down right. This is a great little exercise that you can do for just a minute (or less if you are just starting out); you can work it up to a full 15 minutes; you can also fit this in as 1 five minute block of a 15 minute workout.

Another inside exercise--walk really quickly around your house. You can live in one small room and still do this. As your fitness level increases this can be a warm up or cool down. Mix in walking backwards and sideways and you'll use more muscles, small and large.

There's just a couple ideas that can get your heart pumping and your body revved up for the day--no matter the weather!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Weight Loss Challenges Do You Face?

It doesn't matter whether you want to drop 10 pounds or 100, you face challenges to losing weight. After all, if there weren't any challenges to weight loss, you would have already accomplished it, right?

Our challenges are often similar...but definitely each of us faces sets of challenges that others do not. For example, if you travel a lot for business that has a unique set of challenges to it. Likewise if you are a stay-at-home mom with young kids who are finicky eaters that has its own set of challenges. Moms with active teens have some of the same challenges, but a host of other ones.

One of the keys to losing weight successfully is knowing where you are...that includes identifying challenges you face so you can have a plan on how to deal with them...but it starts with identifying them!

What are the challenges you face regarding your health and fitness or weight loss goals?

Remember, your list will be different from mine and from your friend's, your spouse's, your sister's. There are no rights or wrongs here...if it is a stumbling block for you--big or small--write it down.

If you are feeling a bit stumped, here are some very common challenges that can help get your own list jump started.

  • Not liking to exercise
  • Craving carbohydrates (sugars, breads, pastas, etc)
  • Lack of time—to exercise, to prepare healthy meals, to eat foods that are good for you
  • Having to fix meals for others and not wanting to prepare different foods for yourself
  • Traveling for business or pleasure
  • Believing you lack self-discipline or willpower
  • Hating to fail
  • Physical limitations due to pain or body size
  • Feeling self-conscious
  • Emotional attachment to food

Take time today to really notice when a challenge comes up.

Go ahead and write in the comments box what your weight loss challenges are!

Then come back tomorrow and we can look at how your can face those challenges.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Self Acceptance Leads to Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight then you have to start by accepting where you are today.

Lots of people have a misconception about what self-acceptance means. They think...or fear...that by accepting themselves as they are they are actually saying they don't want to change.

That's not it at all.

Think of your body as a scientist would who is studying it. They would be detached. They would observe but not criticize or judge it.

By accepting yourself you release judgment. You let go in your head. This letting go in your head is what then sets you up to let go in the body.

This is simple, but it isn't easy. After all we have lots of years of practice at NOT accepting ourselves. So start today. Cut yourself a little slack. Observe where you are. Take stock. But don't beat yourself up over it.

After all, you've probably beat yourself up over your weight in the past...and where did that get you? So try something new and see how that works for you.

It worked for me!

Friday, January 1, 2010

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