Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beat Weight Loss Challenges: Small Steps for Big Results

Frequently we start a new year with great intentions and since we want to achieve big things we assume we have to make big changes or changes in every area of our life all at once. And because it is the "New Year" and we get resolution fever we might actually do it for a while.

But now it is the middle of the month and most people have already "fallen off the wagon"...and because they had such high expectations and placed such high demands upon themselves, that fall is also big...and it hurts!

If you fell off or never got on, you are in luck! You can successfully lose weight--and keep it off permanently--by making small changes.

I remember when I first was told this I was not ready. I wanted results NOW. Because I thought small changes would take too long to get results I kept going for the big bang. Fast forward 20 years and I was still struggling with my weight and looking to get big results!

A couple years ago I changed tactics. I decided to not diet and started making small changes--and guess what--it worked! For the first time in my life I am at a healthy weight that I have been able to sustain without torturing myself!!!

Start super small...we've all made promises to ourselves that we didn't keep regarding our diet, our fitness, our health habits, etc. So make one tiny promise that you know you can keep. That helps train your mind that you CAN and WILL keep promises that you make to yourself.

Small promises might mean adding 5 minutes of physical activity to your day. It might be drinking one more glass of clean, pure water every day. It could be cutting out one soft drink or alcoholic beverage a day. Or perhaps it is adding one serving of fresh fruit or vegetables a day.

Small promises can also be mindset oriented, such as saying a positive health affirmation every morning 10 times. It could be an awareness of negative messages you say and turning them around.

All these small changes will lead to weight loss success. Don't try to do them all at one time. Start with one...if that was super easy to keep for an entire week then add another one or two. If you struggled to keep that promise then pick an even simpler one. It isn't as important what the promise is--it is that you keep it that counts.

We're working on our mindset first...and by doing that you WILL have the slender, energetic, healthy body that you step at a time.

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