Monday, January 25, 2010

I Feel Like Cr—ud, Do I Really Need to Exercise Today to Have Weight Loss Success?

Don’t feel like exercising because you don’t feel your best? Pretty common condition...whether it is from the common cold, or over indulging, or over doing, fill in the blank...there are plenty of reasons we might not feel so hot.

The question is, do we use those reasons as “excuses” to opt out of our exercise routine or do we push through?

I used to think it was one or the other—that if I couldn’t work out to my fullest, then what was the point? I had lots of coaches tell me “no pain, no gain”...and I still hear that from some big named fitness gurus out there.

Now I know better. Maybe it is wisdom that comes with age...but really it is also wisdom that comes from having lots of injuries as a result of pushing through instead of paying attention to the messages from my body.

That doesn’t mean that just because you don’t feel at your peak you should throw in the towel and hit the snooze button.

Think about a way to have some middle course of action...some plan that lies between a full-on workout and crawling back into bed.

Make a commitment to move your body just a little bit matter how you feel physically, mentally or emotionally. I call this the “one jumping jack theory”...whether it is literally doing one jumping jack, or it is 5 minutes of stretching, or a short stroll around the block, pick some small step you can take that is more than doing nothing, but less than your normal workout.

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about WHY this is an important tool to have in your weight loss success arsenal!

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