Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Law of Attraction and the Biggest Loser for Weight Loss Success

Even the Biggest Loser television show is teaching us the importance of mindset and about the Law of Attraction.

In last night's show, no...I won't give anything away, just in case you are Tivo fans [fanatics?] like me...Jillian told one of the contestants who had some major fear issues this week, that if you don't work through your fers they will come back to haunt you. Not her EXACT words, but the basic gist of it.

Then she told Maria that she is bringing this all on herself.

And she continued working with Maria, telling her, you have to change your are not are strong! You are as strong as anyone else here.

This episode brought out fears and beliefs that contestants had...not just Maria...and I was glad to see how Jillian was helping them get those feelings out.

While I'm not into the in-your-face tactics, I understand that the trainers are working with a limited time. They never know if this will be the last week they have with that person and so they want to make the big break-throughs as quickly as possible.

So I was very glad to see these sorts of conversations happening on the show and I hope they will encourage viewers to also have the conversations with themselves. That is part of the secret to permanent weight loss success--changing your beliefs, facing (and feeling!) the emotions and using your positive thoughts to change your mental habits which then allows you to much more easily change your physical habits.

The biggest challenge we face to losing weight is our mind not our mouth. When we figure out that our mind is in the power seat and that we can change our thoughts...look out! That's the minute, the second, the nano-second that you have gained control and will start to see major, positive changes in your body...and your life!

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