Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Enjoying Exercise For Weight Loss Success

Yesterday I went to the had been a long time since my last visit so there was a lot of catching up to do!

Of course, one of the things we talked about was my weight loss and exercising. I was asked (one of the top 10 questions I get when people learn I've lost 125lbs) "Do you exercise a lot?"

The short answer is "No"...but if you've read much of my blog you know there is a long version!

It is so important that we do something, to move more, get oxygen pumping in our bodies...but it is NOT important that we slave for hours at a gym. In fact, "slaving" is detrimental to our weight loss goals.

To have success in weight loss it is essential to do something that you enjoy and will keep with. That's one of the reasons I recommend you have a couple alternatives--to keep from getting bored. It is also why I like the "bounce and shake" program so much--it is an easy exercise that works wonders for losing weight.

My routine takes me 15-20 minutes in the morning and it is so flexible it really works for my life and schedule. This morning I did my routine while basking in the beautiful sunrise.


I was filled with such gratitude for being able to witness that beauty. I noticed the leaves in their rainbow of colors, the birds flying against the first a silhouette and then with more detail as the light grew brighter. I watched the clouds turn golden and pink and dark as the sun moved higher in the sky.

All the while I was bouncing, shaking, moving my body and breathing in oxygen.

What a fantastic way to start the day--moving, and moved. I felt part of nature and the beauty and natural health I was witnessing this morning. I know this positive attitude or "vibe" will serve me well today. My exercise program was effortless and quite was almost like when I moved my arms I was the bird flapping its wings...

Not all mornings do I get this sensation, but it is great to be open to feeling so positive while moving our bodies. Whether you are doing the bounce and shake program, walking in nature, practicing yoga or lifting weights...whatever works for you, aim for feeling positive while you do it. Know that you are improving your health, that you will realize the benefits of your routine for years to come.

And by focusing on your health--improving your health every day--you will have weight loss success, too!

To your health!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Weight Loss Tip: Stop Multi Tasking

Women are great at multi-tasking...or are we?

We can sure do it--and do it (all) pretty well. Does that mean we are great at it?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Does it mean it is great for us to do? Now THAT is a different question!

When it comes to our health goals I have learned that multi-tasking does us a big dis-service. We may feel like we are being more efficient, but rarely does it work out in our favor.

Whether eating or exercising, give it your full attention. Taste the food rather than just getting it down. Feel your muscles as you move.

Giving full attention to our eating means we are aware of subtle flavors and textures in our food. It also means that you stop eating sooner. Not being distracted by the television, the newspaper, thoughts about work, even conversation, allows us to truly notice when we are done with our meal. Done as in finished eating, as opposed to having consumed all that is put before us!

Giving full attention to our exercise means we appreciate what our body is doing...we notice if we are holding our breath, we feel the increasing strength in our arms and legs, we feel the energy and vitality and health generating in our core.

Does this mean you can't have companionship while eating or exercising? Are you relegated to a lifetime of tables for one or monastic silence? No, no, no...that's not what I am saying at all.

When you are eating with someone enjoy their company and feast on their words. But rather than trying to feast on words and food at the same time, alternate. This is true multi-tasking because it slows you down and makes you present at the same time.

Exercise buddies can be great--they help us to workout even if we don't feel like it, encourage us to go just a little further, and can make the experience way more fun. And if it is more fun we will do it definitely have exercise buddies ESPECIALLY if you are a social person. The key is to be aware of what you are doing and feel good about it, not just distract yourself from an unpleasant activity!

This isn't easy at first...and if you really do dislike moving your body around and feel you need the distraction then do that. Better to be moving and distracted than NOT moving. See if you can direct the conversation to include some things that pull you back to what you are doing. For example, if you are walking...point out things you see that attract you...things you wouldn't have seen if you stayed in your house.

By reinforcing these positive things you will be inclined to want to repeat the experience. Over time you will begin to notice other positive things--that you breathe easier, move more quickly, cover more ground for example.

If you don't have an exercise buddy, or if you do, you can also use affirmations while you sure to say things that reinforce what you DO want. Focus on the feelings and the words as you say them rather than just reciting them by rote.

By placing focus on what we are doing--whether it is our affirmations, moving our bodies, or the action of eating--we get the very most out of it. Our mind, body and spirit benefit.

Now that's REAL multi-tasking!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are You Trying To Lose More Weight?

One of my readers asked me an interesting question..."Are you trying to lose more weight or are you happy being healthy?", and as it would happen I was discussing this with a friend earlier today...isn't it grand how things work?...but that's a topic for another blog!

So here is the long I am prone to do.

I am very happy with being healthy. That was, and is, my number 1 goal. I feel better, am able to do pretty much everything I want to do, I am off all medications...hard to ask for more than that!

I am not trying to lose weight...I am just doing what it takes to be healthy. In small increments. It does not consume my life...or my day.

In response to that, my body will seek whatever is the best level for it. Which may be to stay where I am, but for now I do appear to be continuing to decrease my fat and increase my muscle at a gradual rate.

Do I want to drop even more fat? (I think is the bottom line question)...yes, maybe, sometimes, no...hunh???

Most of the time I am pretty happy where I am. I can buy clothes in "normal" stores. I can eat whatever I want, etc, etc, etc...all that good stuff.

That being said, I would be less than honest if I didn't admit that from time to time I look in the mirror and think..."hmmm, another 10 pounds would be good," "wow, that knee is looking fat today," or "geeze louise, I wish my upper arms didn't flap around in the breeze so much."

I pretty much recognize that those days it really has nothing to do with my is the old emotional baggage that was behind why I put on weight in the first place.

So on those days, I choose (usually) to be gentle with myself, nourish my body with good and healthy food, move my body around and do something that will nurture my spirit too.

What I will NOT do is panic, beat myself up, or go on a massively restrictive diet or engage in a punishing exercise routine. I know from experience that those methods do not work for me.

Do I ever fantasize about having 6 pack abs? Sure! I also dream about what it would be like to have size 6B feet or to look like Christie Brinkley. Ain't gonna happen!

While I can't actually ever have B width feet or look like a super model, I could have the abs...if I really wanted them. For me the trade off in time and energy and limitations that it would take to get 6 pack abs just isn't worth it. I have lots of other things I want to do with my life that are MUCH more important. So, I put it into perspective and ask myself, "What do I really want?" 6 pack abs doesn't even make my top 100.

So that's the question I would have you ask yourself--what do YOU really want? If you really want 6 pack abs--then go for it! Find the right coach (that would not be me!) and pursue that goal with a passion. If on the other hand, you want to be healthy and finally be a weight that allows you to live your life, have the energy to do what you want to do, feel good while you are doing it and not have to be a slave to diets or a prisoner to food any longer...then stick with me, kid and Refuse To Diet!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Debate on Choices for Successful Weight Loss

Dr. James O. Hill of the University of Colorado's Center for Human Nutrition suggests cutting out just 100 calories a day as a way to effortless lose weight. For some people that may be a great way to look at it. If you drink soda, drink one less today...or take an extra walk around the block. By reducing your intake or increase the calories you burn by just 100 a day Dr. Hill claims you will lose 5 pounds a year. Not a huge number, but considering most of us GAIN weight every year it is definitely a place to start. And pretty painless at that.

My say "toemahtoe" and I say "toemaytoe", you say "cutting calories" and I say "that's a diet!"

Look...I didn't drink soda, didn't use salad dressing, already used skim milk etc. There were not a lot of obvious easy options for dropping 100 calories a day. And still I was 300 pounds...clearly there has got to be another option.

So what if like me you don't drink soda? What if you can't find a place to easily cut 100 calories. What if you are injured and can't walk around the block...what are you going to do?

I do agree when Dr. Hill says "any diet that asks you to dramatically reduce food intake may work for a while, but you will get too hungry. You need to eat at a level you can stick with." That makes sense.

He continues to makes sense when he suggest you ask yourself how you can do a little better than you are doing right now. Aim to reduce fat and sugar intake rather than trying to eliminate them entirely...that all makes sense...

But when he suggests ice cream lovers switch to lower-calorie versions I have got to ask is he out of his frickin' mind???

I tried that...I just wanted to eat more! Low calorie versions of your favorite foods are NOT the way to go about it. They are not satisfying and your mind remembers the label says "low calorie" or "low fat" or "low" whatever and so you believe you can have more. In the end you frequently take in MORE calories, fat and sugar with the "low cal" versions than you would if you enjoyed a smaller portion of the "real deal."

Start with your mindset...believe that you can lose weight NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CURRENT CONDITION IS!

Then allow yourself to have your favorite foods.

That means if you are an ice cream lover (like me) have the full-flavor version...just not as much. When you start with your mindset and decide to eat consciously rather than out of habit or because of emotions then it becomes easy to enjoy a smaller portion. It might be that you have a pint instead of a half gallon...or 1/2 gallon instead of a full gallon...or one scoop instead of two. Again, start where YOU are...not where I am or Dr. Hill is for that matter.

So, if the low cal versions work for you, then go for it...but whether you choose low cal versions or smaller portions of the full-flavored original you have to start with your mind...because the bottom line is what is going on in your mind has much more to do with YOUR bottom line than what is going in your mouth!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For Weight Loss Success Don't Diet

This has been my motto...and the secret to my weight loss success--I refuse to diet. Hence the name of this blog. I have "not dieted" my way to a healthy body, dropping 125 lbs. I feel great!

It seems that I am on to something...even "experts" are supporting the no diet philosophy. Well, doctors may know a lot, but the real experts are the people who have actually been there--people like me and you!

I know first hand the appeal of dropping weight quickly. I also know first hand that it doesn't work. Not for the long haul.

As much as I didn't want it to take months or years to achieve a healthy body, once I came to terms with the notion of 'what if it was okay that it takes a long time to reach this goal?' then I started to drop weight.

Was it a miraculous drop 50 pounds overnight result? Nope. But here I am able to maintain my healthy weight AND enjoy foods I love. I no longer feel tortured by food. I feel free of the constant cravings. Food doesn't seem to leap straight from the shelf to my hips. I feel like I finally have a "normal" relationship with food...and that was what I really wanted.

Does it involve changes? Of course it does. But the biggest change starts with your mind. With positive thinking and a shift in your mindset you can lose weight and have the same healthy relationship with food that I do. Starting with this change, the other stuff falls into place...pretty much automatically.

Changing how you feel about your body and your ability to lose weight is important, simple...and not necessarily easy. Come on, how many times have you tried to lose weight and not succeeded? Or you lost weight only to regain it, and more? I've done it so many times I couldn't keep track. So I started to believe that I could not have a healthy body weight. I believed that I would never be slender. I believed that I was destined to be fat.

I believed these things and so they were true. I gave myself permission to be fat...but then I beat myself up over it! I was in a perpetual cycle of loathing myself and not believing in the possibility.

University of Colorado Center for Human Nutrition's director Dr. James O. Hill recognizes this and says "when people try and repeatedly fail, they begin to feel defeated [to lose weight] and will eventually give up."

I finally decided that maybe I could lose SOME weight...I didn't really believe at first that I could drop 100 pounds, but I could at least get down maybe 20 pounds. No deadline. No pressure. Just drop some excess fat to become healthier.

I started focusing on believing that losing 20 pounds was possible. I repeated to myself that I deserved that improved health and that I could achieve it. I wrote notes to myself to help me remember to stop and think before I just grabbed food. I gave myself permission to eat anything I really wanted--as long as it was a conscious choice.

That made the difference!

Don't starve yourself. Don't restrict yourself. That only leads to feeling deprived. That feels like punishment. And you will rebel at some point. Instead--refuse to diet...choose food consciously and enjoy it. You deserve to enjoy food AND have a healthy body.

You CAN have both!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unmasking Sugar For Weight Loss Success

Sugar of course is the simplist carbohydrate and it has lots of nasty effects on the body. Besides being pretty much empty calories which doesn't help our desire to be svelte, sugar raises our blood sugar levels which can lead to diabetes.

Not only that but there are many other health issues associated with eating too much sugar. But food manufacturers are smart--they know a lot of people will look for "sugar" on the label. There are lots of different types of sugars that can be put into our foods. Some don't even sound like sugar--so even if you read labels you might not realize how much you are consuming.

The best way to defend yourself against these sugars is to read the labels--and know what to look for! Awareness is the first step to successfully beating the sugar blues, the sugar highs, and the not-so-sweet expanding waistline!

So here is a list of some of the common, and not so common "sugars" that can be found in foods.

The usual suspects:
sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, honey, molasses and maple syrup.

Other sugars:
evaporated cane juice, malted corn syrup, malted barley syrup, any thing "syrup"

The less well known:
dextrose, fructose, lactose and maltose

Are they sugars or not?:
xylitol, sorbitol, annitol, malitol

This last category is not required by the FDA to be labeled as a sugar--and in fact can be in things that are labeled as being sugar free. One of the most common places they are found is in chewing gum. But they are made of sugar molecules with an attached alcohol molecule. They still are carbohydrates, but with this extra molecule they aren't absorbed by the body as easily. Because they aren't absorbed easily they may cause some, um, let's just say discomfort.

Yes they are fattening

Corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup is frequently used in place of table sugar--it can be found in most store bought candies, soft drinks and baked goods. Not only is corn syrup sweet and loaded with calories, the body processes it differently from table sugar and it actually is more likely to converted into body fat!

Affects cholesterol

To top it off, corn syrup has been shown to raise LDL cholesterol (that is the number you want to be low.)

Actually create cravings!

Many of these sugars have an addictive type quality...they actually affect our taste buds and make our tongues (and brains) want more sweet stuff. This is why our challenge is not about will power! There really are foods that create the desire and cravings in us.

Make us MORE hungry!

I remember Dr. Oz discussing ghrelin on the Oprah show...this is a hormone that stimulates hunger. The opposite hormone, the one that suppresses hunger is called leptin. Well, fructose causes a drop in leptin AND an increase in ghrelin. No wonder we feel more hungry when we eat sweets!

Tastes great, less filling

Sugars don't fill us up, so even if they didn't have the other downsides, you will naturally eat more food if you eat a lot of sugary foods.

Best health and weight loss success tip

Eat as many whole foods as you can...things that actually grow, rather than have to be packaged. As you increase your intake of complex carbohydrates and reduce the simple carbs you will be amazed at how your tastes will begin to change.

It doesn't mean you will have to give up all sugar forever. The best news is that once you get off the sugar-go-round you will be able to have some treats without setting off the cravings. So you will be able to have your cake and eat it too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weight Loss Success Is Not a Straight Line

When we are wanting to drop weight...whether it is a couple pounds or a hundred, we tend to want a straight shot...from "Point A", where we are right now, to "Point B", our goal weight.

Not only that, we expect our pace to be consistent along that slowing down and Heaven forbid we ever stop along the way! Faster is long as we keep up the NEW pace!

Well, that just isn't going to happen. So what happens when we slow down or find a curve in our path? Often we allow that to totally derail us and put us back to the starting point...or even further back than that.

So, let's think about our weight loss goals in a different way...allow your mind to open up a bit, take a positive attitude and a big deep breath. goes...

Think about when you get in your car. You know where you are going. Maybe you are going to a meeting in a nearby city.

You plan how long it will take to get there, you get directions, you make sure you have gas. You get in the car, start it up and you follow the directions to get there. You make it fine, both there and back. Fantastic!

Now, along the way you probably encountered a couple things that slowed you down from the fastest possible potential arrival, right? Let's just say this meeting was 60 miles away. You don't expect to make it in one hour if the maximum speed limit is 60 miles per hour because you know there are places where you can only go 20 know that speed limits vary and you plan accordingly.

You also realize that school is in session and so you may encounter a school zone, or a bus or two during the drive which may require you to stop. There are stop signs that slow you down...and stop lights. Then there is the commuter traffic.

When we plan a trip in the car, we allow for these delays because we KNOW they are just part of the journey.

Now sometimes things come up that we didn't, or really couldn't, plan for. Maybe there is construction on the road that you didn't know about. Or an accident brings traffic to a crawl. You might wake up to find that it snowed over night unexpectedly and you didn't allow enough time for the weather conditions.

You can choose to get stressed about this, or you just tell yourself that you'll get there in one piece as long as you keep moving. You make a call, you adjust your do what you can to minimize the impact, but you can't control it all.

You don't allow the road construction to stop don't beat yourself up for not planning for the big accident that tied up traffic for an don't just give up and turn around and head for home! You simply adjust your route or your expectation of when you will arrive at your destination.

The road to our ideal body is like that. Just like when we are driving in the car, sometimes we will reach a stop sign, a yield sign or stop light...all things that we could choose to view as slowing us down...or we can choose to recognize that they will happen and it is all part of the journey.

Detours happen too...a party comes up (or several) and we overindulge which affects our progress. And sometimes things come up that are so big they are like the traffic accident or the big storm--we just have to surrender to it and accept that we don't have control over every minute of every day.

In other words, life happens. Don't expect your weight loss to follow a straight path. Know that life happens and your road will have twists and turns, hills and valleys, storms to ride out and detours to follow. Big emotional events may happen that temporarily slow you down or even cause you to loop back a bit on your journey.

The good news is you don't have to start back at square one! You can find yourself where you are on the path and start up again. Allow for the rhythm of life, the curves along the way...even the occasional traffic jam (weight loss plateau) long as you stay on the journey you will arrive at your destination.

The way to have weight loss success is to follow your path, get back on the road after a detour, plan for some delays, and allow the unexpected to just happen and not take you out! The only way to not succeed is if you give up and head back home!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cut Yourself a Little Slack for Weight Loss Success

All too often we expect perfection of ourselves. Why is it that we are able to cut other people some slack while never giving ourselves any?

For we "perfectionists" this is true in many, maybe even all, aspects of our lives...whether it is getting straight A's in school, landing the best job, getting the best review, having our house be immaculate, always eating healthy food or having a 6 pack ab body...we strive to be better and better...sometimes--often--better than is humanly possible.

Yes, we want to be the best we can be...but that does not mean that we must insist on perfection. By aiming for perfection we are bound to disappoint ourselves which only sets us up for self-criticism and doubt.

Just for today, try to be a bit more gentle with yourself. Whether it is about the cookie you ate that you "shouldn't" or that you lost your temper or you were late or your house was not perfectly tidy. Do your best where you are right now

Always Do Your Best: Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.
By Don Miguel Ruiz from his best-selling book "The Four Agreement".

At the end of a one day workshop a friend of mine ruefully mentioned to me that she couldn't attend the upcoming multi-day workshop because of the cost...I reminded her of the same principal--do what you can right now. Take what you learned today and apply it. Integrate it into your life. Trust that when you are ready, you will be able to attain the next lessons you need. Whether they are this particular workshop or by some other means.

It is the same with our health and fitness goals. If we truly want to have success with weight loss, then we must start where we are. Move forward every day, integrating what we have learned...opening ourselves to learn new things in the process.

Will we have some set-backs? Very likely! Some days we will "be better" than others...and that is okay. Look at the overall path and see if you are heading in the right direction...if you are doing the best you can at every moment then you can not NOT reach your goals.

Cut yourself a little slack and find yourself on the path for permanent, healthy weight loss--without dieting. It is a change of your mindset, and it works! Do the best you can today and every day...and you will find yourself in a healthier body before you know it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weight Loss Tip: Celebrations

I have been busy, busy, busy. Like a lot of people.

And also like a lot of people, sometimes I forget how important it is to enjoy life and celebrate our accomplishments.

One of the blessings I had this past week was to help a couple of friends who were giving a presentation. We joined them last Wednesday evening and also all day Saturday. We monitored the audio and visual equipment and provided various support functions. And we had a great experience and learned a lot in the process.

Because we were feeling so busy, there was a temptation to run from the event and head straight home. Fortunately we were encouraged to join our friends for a celebratory dinner, and we accepted.

We went to a restaurant that I'd not been to before. The fare was certainly not low calorie or low carb...and I enjoyed every bite! I did manage to take home part of my dinner and had a nice meal from the leftovers.

It is important to remember to celebrate--and that can include enjoying a nice meal out. What worked well for me was enjoying a sample of everything and focusing on what I really liked best, and enjoying the conversation and leisurely nature of the meal. And not feeling like I had to be part of the "clean plate club" as my mother used to say!

Slowing down and enjoying the company of wonderful people, engaging in interesting conversation and having good food is a fantastic part of life. I wouldn't eat that way every day...or even every week...but once in a while it is just fine.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weight Loss Success Means Daily Choices

To achieve weight loss success we must make choices every day to support that success.

This can seem daunting at first, but let's think about what it really means.

We choose to brush our teeth and wash our faces and bodies every day...or at least I hope we all do! If not, then we face the consequences, right? Those consequences may be bad breath, rotten teeth, acne and body odor...most of us don't want those things so we do what we can on a regular basis to protect against it.

It is the same with our eating and exercise habits. It isn't about will power. It is about caring enough about ourselves, and not wanting the negative consequences of what will happen if we don't take care of ourselves.

The only reason it seems easier to wash our face and brush our teeth on a regular basis is because we have already developed the habit! Our parents started us off early in life making sure we brushed our teeth and cleaned behind our we "hear" those messages and act on them daily.

We may not have gotten the same sorts of messages regarding eating and exercising. So we have to practice ourselves and love ourselves into the new pattern.

If you forget to brush you teeth once in a while your teeth aren't going to all fall out. Similarly, if you don't exercise once in a while you aren't lazy. If you eat cake once in a while you won't be fat. It is the regular application of the behavior that causes the result.

Every day you have the power to choose how you will act.

"Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it." - Groucho Marx
Choose to be happy and healthy...or is up to you! You can lose weight through your positive attitude and mindset...and choosing daily to support that attitude.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Diet Pills for Teens

This is in response to a 13 year old who wanted to know if she should take diet pills to lose weight because she can't seem to any other way.

Short answer:
Do not take pills to lose weight. I don't believe pills are the answer for ANYONE but especially not when our bodies are still developing and changing...which they are, even if we have reached our full height.

If you have been following my blog at all, you know that there is a longer answer to this question...I always have a longer answer ;-)

The longer answer:

I had trouble losing weight at 13 too...even though I was very active. I rode my bicycle and swam competitively...but I never could seem to be "thin" best friend was and she ate terribly and didn't exercise nearly as much. It was so frustrating!

At 13 it is hard to appreciate the differences in our bodies...but as an adult I have come to appreciate that those differences are part of what makes the world (and people) so interesting!

Sometimes we THINK we need to lose weight and we don' may be that we are heavier than our friends because of our body structure--our muscles and our bones. Other times we aren't "skinny" and so we think we should lose weight to match some image in our head of what the ideal body looks like. It might just be that we are already at the right weight for us...even if that is a few pounds more than charts say we should be.

Without knowing your situation more it is hard to say if you actually need to lose weight or not...but if you think you do then I know you are pretty unhappy with your body right now no matter what anyone else says.

Please do NOT take pills as tempting as it may be. There is no magic pill that will have you lose weight in a healthy, permanent way.

The best way to have a healthy body is to start by working on your is important that we learn to love ourselves--our bodies, our abilities, everything. That doesn't mean that we can't strive to be better! It does mean that we deserve to respect ourselves and stop being so critical. Love is where it all starts.

If someone had told me that when I was 13 I would have been like, "what's to love?...I'm fat, my nose is too big, I'm not smart like my brother"...on and on. You know what? Just about every teenager I have ever met has thoughts like that...even the popular ones, the really cute ones.

I'll let you in on a secret...many adults still struggle with these thoughts, too!

I know it is a challenge just being 13...maybe knowing that you aren't alone in this journey will help. I believe you have a wonderful opportunity to learn some positive thinking patterns that will help you NOW and for the rest of your life!

When we truly love ourselves we naturally begin to take better care of ourselves...and then we physically feel better and we create this wonderful loop of health!

In my personal experience...the more I "dieted" the harder it was for me to lose weight. I couldn't keep it up...I couldn't drop enough calories or work out enough to be the same size as my best friend. I didn't get that it was physically impossible--so I just got more and more frustrated. In the end I wound up ADDING weight instead of losing weight. I ate out of frustration and then hated myself more for eating. I set myself up for failure--big time!

That was a long time ago...long before the movie "The Secret"...before books about positive thinking were common. Loving yourself was considered vanity back wasn't understood that self-respect and valuing yourself were (and are) important parts of mental AND physical health.

I encourage you to talk to other people who can support you in believing in yourself. I have several suggestions in the side bar that are great tools...I really like "You Can Heal Your Life" isn't just for people with a specific physical can help all of us to live better, healthier lives. You really can lose weight through positive thinking (presuming that you have weight to lose, of course!) Along the way to achieving the perfect body for you, when you learn to love and accept yourself you will find that life is a much more fun and beautiful place to be...and that is a great thing to learn at any age!

You deserve all the best! Please keep in touch...I'd love to hear about your progress--your successes and challenges. Know that you are loved and that you are a beautiful person--just the way you are right now!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weight Loss Success Starts With Believing

I have learned a very powerful secret over the course of my life...and especially over the course of my dieting ups and downs...well, really AFTER the ups and downs but really as a RESULT of them...this secret is what is responsible for my weight loss success!

As Oprah would say, "What I know for sure..."

goals, no matter what that goal is starts with Believing.

Whether you goal is to drop weight (a few pounds, or more than 100 like me), earn more money (a few bucks or mega bucks), or to find your soul mate (male or female), it all begins in the very same place:

  • Believe you can.
  • Believe you deserve it.
  • Then take small steps every day that move you closer to that goal.
  • Then you have to allow it have to actually accept the goal into your life. Ironically, that is often the hardest part...IF we have not truly internalized that we deserve the goal!

That's it...that's the secret!

Decide what you want.

Believe it is possible for you.

Take small steps to achieve it.

Relax and receive.

To achieving all your dreams--I know you deserve them!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weight Loss Success Tip: Enjoy Healthy Snacks

I love sharing ideas that are healthy and weight loss success tips...and sometimes a food is just too good not to share!

I want to share a snack that I love with is a cracker that is very healthy, versatile, tasty and it happens to be gluten free.

In fact, I learned about it because it is gluten free. I don't have a problem with gluten but I have a friend who does. So I was looking for some crackers to have with hummus that he would be able to enjoy...and I found these gems.

The brand I found is Crunchmaster, but there may be other similar if you can't find this specific one...they are multi-grain, oven baked crackers. They are thin crispy discs...a serving is 15 crackers.

The contain brown rice meal, sesame seeds, quinoa seeds, flax seeds, amaranth seeds...very yummy. They do have soy sauce so if you can't take soybeans or fermented products you might not be able to enjoy these...

One serving has 280 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids (the good stuff) and 3 grams of protein. I enjoy them with veggies, hummus, other dips...just about anything.

Oh--on the box there is a website and phone number, so if you don't see them in a store near you, maybe they will be able to tell you where you can find them!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weight Loss Tip: Remember to Breathe

Continuing on the theme of breathing...

Although it doesn't seem like something we have to remind ourselves to do, we sometimes do have to remember to breathe.

In yesterday's post I discussed how getting more oxygen into your body will help you to lose weight even if you eat exactly the same foods and don't move your body any more.

So the additional weight loss tip is reminding yourself to breathe when you are moving your body about.

When we exercise it is quite common for us to hold our exactly the wrong time! When exercising we want to be sure to stoke our body's furnace and get rid of the toxic waste order to do that we must breathe deeply and often.

What we tend to do instead is be thinking about the exercise...focusing on remembering what we are doing...the steps, the motions, whatever and we will actually hold our breath. Or the exercise requires exertion and we believe that if we hold our breath we will somehow be able to get through it more easily.

That is all wrong thinking...we absolutely need to power our body with oxygen--especially when we are exercising.

For the next week, when you are exercising, whether it is walking to get the mail, doing the bounce and shake program I recommend, or swimming, bicycling or lifting matter what it is, pay attention to your breathing. At first you may not be able to get the same level of exercise in because you are focusing on your breathing. That's okay.

Be aware when you hold your breath. Consciously force yourself to breathe in and out during the entire workout.

This will do a couple things for is you will be stoking your furnace for the entire day, and you will also be expelling more of the gasses that build up in our bodies when we will actually begin to feel stronger and less tired after exercising because you are giving your body the oxygen it craves!

So for weight loss success--remember to breathe!