Monday, September 14, 2009

Weight Loss Tip: Celebrations

I have been busy, busy, busy. Like a lot of people.

And also like a lot of people, sometimes I forget how important it is to enjoy life and celebrate our accomplishments.

One of the blessings I had this past week was to help a couple of friends who were giving a presentation. We joined them last Wednesday evening and also all day Saturday. We monitored the audio and visual equipment and provided various support functions. And we had a great experience and learned a lot in the process.

Because we were feeling so busy, there was a temptation to run from the event and head straight home. Fortunately we were encouraged to join our friends for a celebratory dinner, and we accepted.

We went to a restaurant that I'd not been to before. The fare was certainly not low calorie or low carb...and I enjoyed every bite! I did manage to take home part of my dinner and had a nice meal from the leftovers.

It is important to remember to celebrate--and that can include enjoying a nice meal out. What worked well for me was enjoying a sample of everything and focusing on what I really liked best, and enjoying the conversation and leisurely nature of the meal. And not feeling like I had to be part of the "clean plate club" as my mother used to say!

Slowing down and enjoying the company of wonderful people, engaging in interesting conversation and having good food is a fantastic part of life. I wouldn't eat that way every day...or even every week...but once in a while it is just fine.

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