Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weight Loss Success Starts With Believing

I have learned a very powerful secret over the course of my life...and especially over the course of my dieting ups and downs...well, really AFTER the ups and downs but really as a RESULT of them...this secret is what is responsible for my weight loss success!

As Oprah would say, "What I know for sure..."

goals, no matter what that goal is starts with Believing.

Whether you goal is to drop weight (a few pounds, or more than 100 like me), earn more money (a few bucks or mega bucks), or to find your soul mate (male or female), it all begins in the very same place:

  • Believe you can.
  • Believe you deserve it.
  • Then take small steps every day that move you closer to that goal.
  • Then you have to allow it have to actually accept the goal into your life. Ironically, that is often the hardest part...IF we have not truly internalized that we deserve the goal!

That's it...that's the secret!

Decide what you want.

Believe it is possible for you.

Take small steps to achieve it.

Relax and receive.

To achieving all your dreams--I know you deserve them!


Gail Lynne Goodwin said...

You are SO right! Everything in our lives starts with our own belief.

Like gravity, you don't have to believe this for it to work (or not work) for you. If you believe you can do something, you can. If you believe you can't... you're right again.

So, why not believe that you can do anything? (It's a lot more fun!)

With belief in you,


Laurie Tossy said...

It is definitely more fun to believe that we CAN!

Thanks for spreading the word!

Gonzo R said...

Believing in yourself is believing in what you're doing. If you can commit to weight loss then you will totally succeed. Great tip there.

Laurie Tossy said...

Belief is definitely a key! And believing helps us keep that commitment. We can have success at weight loss...and anything else we want.