Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge Why Do I Feel Like &*# Today

I had a rough day yesterday...never seemed to quite focus or feel right...and I was wondering why that was. I wanted to eat and sink into bed and do nothing.

This can be a huge challenge to losing weight--not because it happens just once, but if it happens from time to time, there may be a reason for it that you deserve to identify. By figuring out what triggers these moods we can help prevent them in the future.

For me, this particular mood was largely triggered because I got off my normal routine of exercise and affirmations. I always feel better when I do them both.

Yesterday I didn't do my affirmations...I did put other positive things into my brain, but the affirmations and mirror work are a real positive force for me that I missed.

I also got sidetracked and didn't do my 15 minute workout routine.

These 2 things combined started my day "off" and I never quite got back on track even though I worked at it all day.

The point is not to berate myself over this. The point is to learn from it. So, I'm going to be sure I do my 15 minutes and my affirmations today, knowing that I feel better when I do. It would be easy to say "why bother" or "15 minutes can't make that much difference" but I know that it does...and I deserve to feel my best...I am worth spending that 15 minutes on myself!

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