Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrate Your Weight Loss Success

So often in the past when I was trying to lose weight I would forget to celebrate my successes. Actually, it isn't that I would forget them, I completely discounted them! If I lost 5 pounds instead of being happy and congratulating myself on that accomplishment I would look at what I had left to lose.

That meant I was taking a positive event and turning it into a negative one!

Girl, did that have to change if I wanted to have permanent weight loss results!

I started creating a list of things that I can do to celebrate my health...and now I use those ideas to help celebrate all sorts of accomplishments.

It used to be the only way I could think of to celebrate was with food...kind of defeats the purpose if you celebrate losing weight by eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's!

Now I have a variety of ways to celebrate--from small ways to big ones. Some are free, others cost a little, and still others are "big ticket" celebrations.

Some are really quick, for an immediate reaction--a celebration could be as simple as "doing the happy dance" or telling a friend who will give you a high five! Other celebrations take a bit more time--maybe like a reward of a bubble bath, or a conversation with a friend over a pot of tea or coffee.

Some celebrations are quiet--time spent reading for example--while others are a bit noisier--like going out dancing.

And you CAN celebrate with food, too. It is about consciously choosing how you want to celebrate and determining what will serve you and your goals. So, it might be splurging on some delicious fruits or a fantastic dinner by candlelight...or going to a restaurant so you get the night off. Know that food can and should be a part of feeling good!

My challenge to you--write a list of at least 10 different ways you can celebrate your weight loss successes (or any success for that matter!) Make sure to have a variety of things...some big, some small, some free...then use that list. Who knows, you may find you have something to celebrate every day!

And come back here and let me know what some of your ideas were!

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