Friday, January 29, 2010

Weight Loss Tip: Celebrate Every Success—Even When You Feel Like *&^%

This week the focus has been on exercising even when you feel like *&^%...of course I’ve never been there ;-) We talked about the importance of having a mini workout, why you might be subconsciously not wanting to work out, about learning to read the messages your body is sending you and shifting your focus to help you feel mentally better as well as physically. These are all fantastic tools you can use on your weight loss journey.

Today I want to encourage you to celebrate all these matter how big or how small you think it is.

Even if the only exercise you did today is 5 minutes, I encourage you to celebrate it. If your first inclination was not to move at all, then you have made a step towards your weight loss goals which is awesome.

More important than that even is that you kept a promise to yourself!

How many times have you promised yourself that you would lose weight, eat right, exercise? And how many times have you broken that promise to yourself?

It is important that we develop a new habit...a habit of making small promises that we keep. That helps stop the little voice inside that reminds you of all the times you didn’t keep your promise.

A crucial element to the success of his new habit is celebrating your success at keeping the promise. Don’t choose to belittle your success by saying it was small or easy. Give yourself a big pat on the back, a round of applause! Woo Hoo! You are moving forward! You can do it! You ARE doing it! This time IS different!

Do something every day...even on days when you just don’t feel some little something every day that moves you towards your health goals...and then CELEBRATE it! Build up that database of successes. Write it down so you remember later: Wow! Today I did 5 things that moved me towards my health goals. Or Fantastic—today I moved forward with my fitness goals!

When you move forward and take care of your body and treat yourself will naturally make more and more decisions that are healthy. You will choose better foods and choose to move—even just a few minutes more than you might have otherwise.

And as you learn to listen to your body you will know when you are truly sick and should just get back to bed—and that is to be celebrated too. By NOT listening to your body in the past you allowed it to get into the condition it NOW listening to it, you can make dramatic, healthy improvements and you WILL achieve the healthy, energetic, slender body you deserve—and that is surely something to celebrate!

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