Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Diet Drinks Destroy Kidneys: Don't Drink Them to Achieve Health and Weight Loss Goals

I've said it before, "diet" drinks are not the best choice for us when we are trying to lose weight or achieve health goals.

New evidence is showing that consuming diet drinks can damage your kidneys!

Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston conducted a study over 11 years involving more than 3000 women. They analyzed what beverages these women drank over the time. Turns out women who drank2 or more (just 2!) diet sodas a day (that's 24+ oz) have twice the chance of their kidney function decline at a more rapid rate when compared to women who drank less than one can a month.

With age our kidney function naturally decreases. Speeding up the decrease in function can increase our risk of kidney failure. When you kidneys fail you end up on dialysis...I've known a couple people in that situation and it is no fun! 3 days each and every week they are hooked up to a machine that does what our healthy kidneys do. They are lucky there are such machines, without the machines they would die...

Besides all that, it has been shown that the fake sweeteners that are in the diet sodas actually increase our hunger levels and cravings for carbs!

So do yourself a favor, ditch the diet drinks! You don't need them to achieve your healthy, energetic, slender body!

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