Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Fitness and Weight Loss Tip

I love watching the Olympics...and I love learning lessons from these incredible athletes.

One of the big weight loss tips I've gained from this, the 21st Winter Olympics, is that it is possible to be too strict...that over working or being to rigid can result in our downfall rather than getting a gold around our neck.

The gold medal we are going after is our health, and we aren't working for just one day or event that happens every four years (thank goodness!)...but there is the pressure that we put on ourselves to be "perfect."

Our version of the perfect 10 score (which is no longer used in the Olympics, so I'm showing my age here) is sticking to our diet without fail and working out every day super hard.

Let's learn from the athletes and apply it to our weight loss--sometimes taking a bit of a break can give us better results.

Many of the Nordic skiers who ended up with medals were ill earlier in the season. The illness didn't make them win, so don't run out and get sick in hopes that will make you more fit! But sometimes by taking a break away from the strict routine they gave their bodies and spirits a needed rest...just in time for them to excel in Vancouver.

If you find that you are bored with your routine, or you have reached a plateau in your results, then follow this weight loss tip: try something different. Try a different food, a different type of exercise...or even just give yourself a mini-vacation! Give you head a chance to think about something else for a while, and your body a chance to get used to where it is.

Rather than pushing harder because you are discouraged...give yourself a little break so you can come back again and win in the long run!

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