Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weight Loss Tips Learned from the 21st Winter Olympics

Keep going.

Sounds simple, but it is a big tip that if followed will lead to your weight loss success.

It is one of the things that worked for me...of course it applies to all areas of our lives, but sometimes we fail to see how it applies to losing weight...or maybe it is just that we are hoping for a magic bullet. No, that couldn't be it, could it?

Look at the athletes in the Olympics...they have really inspired me, not just by their abilities, but because they really exemplify this idea of keep going, despite injuries, falls, and personal mishaps.

I know how challenging it is to keep going...I suffered my share of injuries over my life. And when injured it is hard to keep moving. Let's face it, if you are struggling with wanting to lose as much weight as I was just MOVING can be a challenge.

One important point...don't interpret "Keep going" to me, through the pain and despite all injuries! You WILL have to modify your activities if you are injured...think of the short-track speed skater JR Celski...incredibly this young man had a severe injury just a few months ago...and still is a medalist at the Vancouver Olympics.

He did it with a lot of help...and specialized workouts and therapy.

On the other hand, Lindsay Vonn, the awesome downhill skier who hurt her shin in a practice run just before the Olympics...she needed rest to heal. (Truth be told, that was in order for JR the first few days, just wasn't as publicized because that was last fall!)

We can all take a lesson from this...when injured work with a professional who will guide you as to just how long you need to rest. This might be a doctor, a physical therapist or a trainer. Then, start working out again...but modify your workout...workout different muscles, keep moving so that you don't suffer a further setback.

Bottom line...the lesson learned from the Olympics: don't let an injury become your current excuse to not work out! Adapt your routine. Consult with professionals--get the help you need. But keep on going all the way and you will cross the finish line to weight loss success!

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