Thursday, February 4, 2010

Healthy Ice Cream...Fact or Fantasy

I love ice cream. It seems the higher the fat content, the more I like it. Based on the Spanish study I mentioned yesterday it might be at least in part because fat boosts my serotonin levels...I don't know if it is the fat, but ice cream has always been my #1 comfort food, my drug of choice when attempting to escape my emotions.

I also just like ice cream. I like the flavors, the texture...

But I don't like what eating ice cream does to my waistline!

My current solution is to eat really good ice cream in small quantities. These days rather than eating a half gallon (or two) in a day, I am satisfied with a small dish. That means a pint lasts for 3 servings.

Low-fat ice cream doesn't make it in my book...and don't even think about the ones filled with artificial sweeteners. I know that those fake "sugars" increase my carb cravings. I'm much better off with high-fat, "real" ice cream.

I just read about a new alternative--ice cream from goat's milk. Goat's milk is lower in fat and the fat it does have is more easily broken down by our bodies. This might be a really good option. The brand I read about is called Laloo's...not available in my town, but if you have a health food store nearby, give it a try--and then let me know what you think!

When you decide you want ice cream, the healthiest choice is to go with the "real deal" and savor smaller portions. That does a couple things for you--gives you the satisfaction that the low-cal versions just don't provide; retrains you mind that you CAN have "real" food and lose weight; helps you in achieving weight loss goals by reducing the unconscious eating behavior or sitting down with a huge bowl or carton of cream and chowing down.

Verdict? Healthy ice cream is in how you think about it...not the ingredients in the carton.

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