Saturday, October 2, 2010

Scary Time of Year

This has always been a scary time of year for me.

Is it because of ghosts, goblins and little witches that are appearing and will increase in numbers as the month progresses?

Only in part...

You see, it began with back-to-school and continued through Valentines...well, Easter actually if I'm being completely honest.

So what was this fear that consumed half my year?

Food. Specifically--candy!

Yes, candy scared me!!!

Because I felt I had no control over it. Instead, it seemed to control my life. I merely had to walk by the aisle in the know the ones...loaded with bags and bags of candy. The mere smell was enough to give me a sugar high. And the sight of chocolate instantly added 10 pounds to my already abundant thighs.

At least that is how it felt.

Fortunately now I AM in control. Candy no longer has this insane power over my life. It isn't that I don't eat candy...I do...just occasionally and in small quantities. And I have the power to control when, what and how much I eat. It is pretty amazing.

I am so grateful that I've experienced this change in my life...because not only has it allowed to drop 125 pounds, I am physically, mentally and emotionally so much more healthy.

Look, I still love a good piece of candy, but I'm free of the ghostly chains that had me consuming bag after bag that I bought "for the kids"...and I don't even have any!

If you want to know more about how I did sure to visit my other site (conveniently named Refuse to Diet)...and read my book for the tools that I developed that helped me on my weight loss success journey!

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