Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Measured Success for Weight Loss

I'm thinking about the different ways we can measure for our weight loss success. In this case, not measuring our bodies, but measuring what we take in to our mouths.

You know I Refuse to Diet and that diets don't work, so before you start thinking I'm just talking about a diet by another name, hear me out!

I'm not talking about measuring as a way of limitation--that would be a diet.

I'm saying we should measure because if we honestly look at what we are eating and drinking, most of us don't know what a "serving" is! By measuring we can train ourselves to what a serving looks like in our glass or on our plate, and to what a serving feels like in our bellies!

Of course we do not have to measure every morsel that goes into our mouths for the rest of our lives. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to double check ourselves once in a while, especially if we find our clothes are getting a bit tighter and yet we feel like we have not changed our eating patterns.

Realize that what a restaurant serves is usually considerably more than a serving's worth, so we don't want to eat restaurant portions all the time. However, restaurants also measure what they serve. That way they know how many patrons they can serve and they can stay on their financial budget.

Measuring what we eat and drink can keep us honest with ourselves. It is another tool that we can use to keep our eating at a conscious level. It allows us to be in control and to make the choices about what we eat, and how much.

Give yourself a chance to have weight loss success by measuring--at least once in a while--to be sure you are heading down the right path and making healthy choices!


Jane Cartelli said...

I am a big believer you weighing, measuring and writing down my food each day. It has worked for me in achieving and maintaining a 220 pound weight loss.

Laurie Tossy said...

Congratulations Jane on your success!

Weighing and measuring our food (and drink) is an awesome tool. It helps us eating consciously rather than mindlessly which is important.

Whatever works to make conscious decisions about our food rather than merely eating for emotional reasons or boredom!