Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Egg on Your Face?

Easter is over and the candy aisle at my local supermarket are stocked with 70% off items. Boy, in the past I would have totally stocked up.

I had to laugh as I watched a couple--both thin, by the way--having loads of fun "stocking up."

The big difference was they were buying 1 bag of candy and a couple Cadbury eggs--not lots of bags and the entire stash of eggs!

This is how people who are thin think and behave. A good lesson for me.

Chocolate freezes, right?

The funniest part was the guy actually suggested they get another bag--"it will freeze, won't it?" I couldn't resist and said, yes it freezes, but it will never make it to the freezer. The lady totally busted up and he said, "You're right, it probably won't make it through the weekend!"

The biggest difference isn't that they don't enjoy eating candy, it is they know it is not the best decision for their body and that they will regret it later. They will feel physically ill and so they choose to restrict what they bring into the house as a way to do a favor to themselves.

Pretty smart.

Do yourself a favor, and follow their example for weight loss success!

To your healthy, energetic and slender body--you deserve it!

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