Monday, June 28, 2010

Changes Take Time for Computers and Weight Loss Success

Gosh I haven't been here in almost 2 what has been going on that has kept me away? And has that affected my health routine?

First and foremost, I had a computer crash. Again. Bummer.

Restored it. Again. Lost internet access. Lost USB old laptop was dying a not-so-slow but certain death.

Before it entirely gave up the ghost I bought a new one and was able to salvage most of what I needed. Needless to say, (at least it should be needless to say...) this was not a quick process for me. I don't let go easily! It isn't that I don't like change...ok, maybe I don't like change all that much, especially when it comes to "tools" is like I expect them to work forever. I'm not technologically inept, at least not entirely, but getting your FIRST computer is much simpler than getting a NEW computer.

There is the new operating system. New peripherals. Rearranging the office because things just don't fit quite the same way. Then there is loading all the software. Getting all the updates. Making all the settings work the way you want them to, so it "looks" as much the same as possible. There is just an adjustment to doing things a new way.

Hmmm...this all sounds vaguely like adjusting to a new way of healthy living.

Let's see, new computer...the goals are to be more efficient, run faster, be long lasting. Healthy have a body that works efficiently, that moves more easily and quickly, and hopefully also is long lasting!

A lot of the challenges are the same, too. On our computers, we are used to things looking a certain way and finding them in a certain place. When we get a new computer suddenly things may be (temporarily) harder to find...just because they aren't where they always were. The good news is that because we have to now think about where things are, we can also take advantage of the thinking process and toss out some things that we no longer need, and we can develop new habits of finding and storing things that make our lives easier in the long run.

Same is true when we change our health routines. When we stop living on auto-pilot we can use that opportunity to get rid of old stuff that no longer serves us. And we can develop new habits of moving our bodies and preparing foods that will ultimately make us healthier, fitter, and make our lives easier. But in the mean-time we have to think about it!

Some of my old software programs don't work with my new computer...they are not compatible. But there is always something else available that will do the job...probably better. Sometimes it is even free, so it isn't necessarily a cost burden. The only thing is I have to learn the new system!

Some of my old food and exercise (or lack of) programming isn't compatible with my health goals and my new body. For example, I used to relax by watching TV and downing a pint (or two) or Ben & Jerry's. Definitely not something I can do and maintain 125 pound weight loss! I can have ice cream once in a while...but consistently trying to eat the way I used to is the equivalent of trying to make my computer run old software. At best, it can do it, but it will slow my fast machine down to a sluggish pace. Hardly the best choice for optimizing either my life or my computer.

So, my goal is to be open-minded and flexible in adjusting to my new computer. I know I could choose to look at this as a pain in the rear...that I am having to give up old favorites for things I don't like. On the other hand, I can choose to look at this as an adventure...recognizing that some days I won't feel very adventurous...but that if I am open to it, I will find new and exciting ways to do things and fun new tools that will make my life easier.

I'll adjust my thoughts about my new computer like I did my mindset for weight loss. My goals are attainable. I just have to take one step at a time. I won't learn it all overnight, but I will learn it! I'm not stupid...and if I remember that, and keep to the little steps then maybe I can relax and not revert to eating a ton of Ben & Jerry's out of frustration!

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Weight Loss is a slow process, but once you start to lose some weight, it is easy to get excited.