Friday, October 28, 2011

1st Colorado Birthday for Mom

Okay, it was a couple days ago...but still...

My mom just moved to Colorado this summer. I've been encouraging it for several years now and finally she decided it was the right time. The state gave her a glorious autumn, as we often have, and she marveled at the colors and the warm sunshine and that we were grilling the 3rd week in October (she loves my grilled chicken!)

Then came her birthday and a big winter storm. Fortunately for us, we were all saved from the power outages that resulted from an unusually heavy, wet snow...and many broken branches and trees across town.

So going out to eat to celebrate was taken off the table and instead we opted to eat in. We brought over a big pot of chili, some corn bread and vegetables and pie. See...I really do refuse to diet!

One of the best things about my mom being here, for my eating habits at least, is that she actually needs to gain weight. Sounds funny, right? Well, her appetite is small, so it forces me to slow down. Pretty much if I am finished she'll stop eating. Since I don't want to eat MORE, I have taken to putting my fork (or spoon) down and pausing much more frequently. I still eat more than she does (it would be hard NOT to) but this is a good habit for me to develop. And it allows me to enjoy things like cornbread and pie...all things in moderation, right? Right!

Now I just need to remember to practice it even when I'm not eating with Mom!

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