Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Cookie Update

OK, going to buy Christmas cookies in the late afternoon of the 23rd was not the best option! Or perhaps it was! There was not a large selection and many that were there were so unappealing there was no pull at all. I did find a nice tray of European cookies dipped in chocolate for under $5--I've bought these before for twice that, so maybe waiting until the last minute is a good idea!

There was also a German box of cookies which we settled on because of the "fun factor"...very similar cookies but in a box that is literally a yard long! It just cracked me up! Even better is that the "yard" was made up of 3 sealed packages which helps me with my gives me a little time to think, do I REALLY want to open another package?

So I have a little chocolate fix, a little Christmas fun and it won't spoil my weight loss success! Sounds like a Happy Holiday to me!

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