Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Want Cookies!

I'm finding myself wanting Christmas cookies...even during my meditation I had images of Gingerbread men dancing in my head! And yule logs and Danish sugar cookies and chocolate...lots of chocolate!

I recognize that a lot of this is because I did not go "home" for Christmas...even though these days we rarely have much in the way of treats at the holidays, either here or there, the holidays evoke memories of times when Christmas cookies were plentiful in our house. And maybe because that was about the ONLY time of year that treats were plentiful (my mom was always watching my weight even if I wasn't!)

Thoughts of baking started peculating this I really want to bake or just to eat cookies? Not sure, but I suspect that since I actually looked at my old recipes and wasn't 100% inspired that if I go to the store and buy myself a couple of treats that will be enough to satisfy the urge. I think it is really an emotional thing more than anything else.

So, I'm taking my "no forbidden foods" motto to heart and I'm going to the store! I've eaten a nice snack so I'm not starving. Then, if nothing screams out at me and I still want cookies I will come back home and do a little baking--and I know I have neighbors who will help me eat any extras!

Happy Holidays!

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