Monday, January 24, 2011

RIP Weight Loss Inspiration Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne has died at age 96.

This one remarkable man did more for health and fitness than countless others combined. He proved that anyone could change their body. He demonstrated that we are not doomed to be unfit merely because the calendar marches on.

One of my favorite memories of LaLanne's "stunts"--events he held to further health and fitness-- was watching him pull boats while swimming...he did this stunt numerous times to celebrate different events in history. (See a list of his feats)

While I never was into body building, nor can I claim to be nearly the fitness fanatic that Jack was, he certainly was an inspiration to me. In fact I remember one time while in college when some friends and I went out to the lake on a boat...when the boat died what did I do? I swam it in to shore. Granted, it was 1 boat with only 5 people aboard...but I felt pretty buff doing it!

Thanks Jack for the inspiration and the memories.

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