Monday, January 17, 2011

Weight Loss Tip: Games People Play

We all know that moving our body is an important aspect of gaining fitness and losing weight, but for a lot of us "exercise" is a dirty word--even if it is more than 4 letters long.

The absolute best exercise for losing weight is one that you will figure out a way to make it fun. The goal is to have you enjoying your life, not dreading it! Active games are one way that we can get fit by moving our body while making it fun.

Whether you want to play tag or Frisbee with your kids, get on the swingset at the local playground (they don't call it an exercise yard except in prison!), pick up a racket for tennis or badminton or a paddle for your kayak, canoe or even for ping-pong...playing is good for your body, your mind and your spirit!

Dr. Daniel Amen who is a specialist in brain and brain chemistry says that playing increases blood flow to the brain and our ability to process. Active play typically requires coordination of eyes, hands and feet. So don't pooh-pooh sports like badminton and ping-pong any more--they can be great ways to get fit and stimulate your brain.

BTW, did you know actress Susan Sarandon is a big fan of Ping-Pong? In her words, the sport is "the most fun way to stay in shape." If you want to join Sarandon at the table, find a club by going to

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