Monday, March 15, 2010

Exercise Tip for Weight Loss Success: Mix It Up

While it is important to find exercise that you enjoy and that feels good for you, it is also important to mix it up.

You want to eat a variety of foods because you can't get all the nutrients your body needs from eating the same thing over and over...besides, eating the same thing every day would get boring.

Similarly, you want to move your body in different ways in order to achieve the best health. You don't have to become a body builder or be able to swim like Michael Phelps...but mixing it up will allow you to be the best all-around YOU possible.

If you like to walk, mix that up by putting on some tunes and dancing. I do it at home with the blinds drawn ;-) but it is pretty amazing how it works our bodies differently. Even though you think you are mostly using the same muscles--your legs--you will find that you are using some different ones, or stretching those muscles a little differently.

If your exercise routine is to ride the stationary bike, you might try a real bike. Not only does it feel different on your legs, you get a different sense of freedom on the road than in the gym.

If you find your workouts are really active, take a class in T'ai chi or one of the other martial arts...or check a DVD out of the library and follow along. Or try yoga...for some good stretching and a different experience.

If you always workout on your own, try something with a workout buddy. Sometimes have a friend to exercise with can be just the ticket. Maybe it is one person or a group...maybe a class...or even a personal trainer...just having someone else there sharing the experience and the health goal can be fun.

Be willing to experiment...will there be exercises that you don't enjoy? You bet! But you might just find something else that you do like. Be could be jumping rope or swinging a hula hoop. By mixing it up, you will use more muscles which will result in better fitness overall, and help reduce injuries. You'll also prevent boredom!

Make it a goal to try one new form of exercise this week--and let me know what you did!

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