Friday, March 5, 2010

Eat for Optimum Brain Function and Weight Loss Success

When we are trying to lose weight we often count calories...not something that I do any more, and I don't suggest it as part of my Refuse To Diet program...but it is still a very common thing for folks to do.

One of the reasons I don't suggest you count calories is because losing weight is not simply a math equation! If it were, then we would definitely be able to count our calories and know we are going to lose weight.

Another reason to not focus on calories alone is because it is important that we have good food in order to function our best. If we only look at the calories, there is no guarantee we will be getting good nutrition for the calories. It can be really tempting to eat some of the pre-packaged "100 calorie" snacks...which are basically empty calories...or to eat "diet" foods which may actually be high in sugar or high in fat (depending on how they are defining "diet") or may have artificial sweeteners which can increase our carbohydrate cravings.

Not eating enough can create low energy, brain fog and actually hinder our weight loss success...not only because we don't feel good, but also because we will more than likely break our diet. In fact, it can lead to a big binge!

In order to lose weight and operate at peak efficiency it is important that we have eat enough calories. Eating enough calories keeps our bodies and brains fueled so we are less apt to go on binges, have big crashes later in the day, or suffer from the brain fog that dieters face.

Eating the CORRECT foods is also important...not just the calories.

Contrary to what a lot of dieters think, it is important to eat fat in order to lose fat. It seems illogical, but it is important to help us feel satisfied, full, get our brains and organs the fats they need...and to help our skin looking and feeling good.

Make sure you eat enough healthy fat...things like avocados, olive oil, walnuts and fish. Limit the saturated animal fats and avoid trans-fats--those hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils which are in so many packaged foods because they extend shelf life, but add absolutely no nutritional value for us. There is evidence that not only do they not provide nutritional value, they can actually be detrimental to our health.

So while I'm not big on putting foods on a "bad" list, trans fats are on the top of it!

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