Friday, March 19, 2010

Fast Food Spoils Weight Loss Success

OK, you may have seen the movie Super Size man's quest to demonstrate how fast food restaurants contribute to obesity and overall poor health in this county.

Well, recently a study was done in Sweden that seems to confirm the findings. In this month-long study, thin young adults ate two of their daily meals at a fast-food restaurant.

At the end of the month, these Swedes weighed in at, on average, 12-15 pounds more than when they started!

Weight gain was not the only health issue, the subjects also became more insulin resistant. This could mean that they are heading towards diabetes.

Admittedly, the participants also reduced the amount of exercise they did for that month, so it is not just eating the fast-food that did it, but it certainly was a part of the equation. And don't think that ordering a salad is the solution--many of the fast-food salads have as much fat, calories and salt as a burger and fries.

Just imagine if these thin people gained 15 pounds in a month...if you have a fast-food habit, think what you could lose!

The best bet for weight loss success--limit, not eliminate--fast-food meals if you like them. Eating more fresh produce, fewer fried foods, and dropping the soda (regular or diet) habit will help you to achieve your health goals.

It isn't about putting fast-food off is about being aware of what we are eating and making conscious choices about what we put in our bodies. Reaching for foods that fuel our bodies in the best ways...allowing our brains to think and our muscles to be strong. Having a burger and fries once in a while isn't going to make you fat...but it appears eating this way on a regular basis can.

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