Wednesday, October 10, 2007

8 Pounds Gone!

Today is Day 10. Since this routine is in 9 day cycles that means today is weigh in and measure day! Drum roll, please!

I am now 8 pounds lighter than I was on Sept. 30.
My waist is am impressive 3 inches smaller.
My hips are 1-1/2 inches smaller.

Call me a skeptic, but I am waiting to get really excited until I have been through at least 2 cycles. I know how it is when we make changes. Sometimes the first week is awesome but things crawl from there. And heck, I've dropped more in a single week, but certainly not eating healthily!

This is what is exciting to me...I have eaten good, healthy food. I have only spent 15 - 30 minutes a day exercising (so its not about working out hard). I even went out to eat one night. I've had pasta, baked potato (with butter AND sour cream), mussels in garlic butter, steak--pretty much anything I wanted. And that leads to the MOST exciting part--I have actually wanted healthy food. I have beer in the frig, ice cream in the freezer, chocolate in the house and I actually didn't avoid them, I just didn't want them!

Honestly, this is the best gift. I have long wanted to be able to have ice cream and chocolate in the house (and other treats, but those are my biggies, my drugs of choice) and have small servings occasionally for a special have them on hand for when we really want to enjoy them. In the past they have "called my name" so loudly that I couldn't keep them in the house. Oh, maybe for a week. Even for two, once. But that's about it, especially with ice cream. Then I eat the entire batch and there is nothing for anyone else.

I have great confidence that if this remains true that I will definitely be able to achieve and maintain my goal weight. Maintaining it is as big a part of the goal as achieving it. I've achieved my goal weight before...but I have not been able to maintain it very long. Typically months at the most. So I am truly looking to change my life!

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