Monday, October 8, 2007

First Week Done and No Ice Cream Cravings

Today is Day 8.

That means I have finished my first week of my "program". Really, it is more "reprogramming" since this is the start of the rest of my life.

Normally I would have weighed myself this morning. However, this program has me going in 9 day cycles. After some deliberation I have decided this is good. It means that every new cycle starts on a different day of the week. In the past, I was governed by meetings or weigh-ins or my own mandate to measure every week. What that ended up accomplishing was a sense that there was a "D" day, and a couple days at best to make up for "bad behavior"! Definitely not the way to structure one's life!

What has surprised me the most about this program is that I have not had any cravings. It is amazing...I even walked right by the ice cream isle and was not tempted to stop. That is, if not a miracle, pretty darn close to one!

Definitely NOT feeling like I'm "on a diet". Allowed to eat as much and what we want, just encouraged to make healthier, conscious choices. The other night I had popcorn--airpopped yes, but with butter. Another night we went out to dinner and had steak and baked potato with butter and sour cream.

If I feel hungry between meals, which sometimes I do, I have an apple, some nuts, or half a protein bar. It really has been easy.

So far so good! I will weigh in and measure on Wednesday, so stayed tuned!

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