Thursday, October 18, 2007

Successes and Setbacks

Some days are successes. Some have setbacks in them. Some days have both.

I have been doing really well, getting my little (and I mean little!) exercise routine in, eating well, my cravings under control...mostly gone in fact and I can tell this program is working. Hurray!

Then as I was walking around a corner my knee went hasn't done that in a long time. Fortunately, it was not major, but it did pretty much decommission me for the day. I was able to still do my mini workout, at least the upper body portion, although that day I did it while laying down. Hey, the thought counts, right? Today I was able to do it from the couch, so I got my heart going a little.

What really pleased me and to be honest, surprised me is that I didn't get all bummed out for more than a couple minutes. And I had no desire to eat everything in the house. There were no comments in my brain like "now look what you have done" or "now you hurt yourself so why bother". Instead I put ice on my knee, popped some anti-inflammatories and took a nap.

Then I started my day over. I think "do-overs" are a really good idea! Especially when we are working at making changes in our lives. The game is not won or lost based on one misstep. We set the current trajectory and we can also change it up.

All in all, I count this as a success!

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