Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tweaking Routines to Fit Me

I've done a little re-arranging of my morning routine this cycle. I was strictly following the directions and noticed I was not enjoying my morning as much as I used to. After thinking about it, I realized I was being forced to a more quick paced awakening than I was used to and I was not making time for my morning spiritual connection. Instead, because I was up and had exercised and eaten I was diving into my work right away.

So now I have put my morning rituals of coffee and spirit back in the mix and it is feeling fantastic! I am enjoying my mornings again. The exercises go much more quickly and enjoyably...and they feel easier and yet more efficient at the same time. I am no longer watching the clock wondering when the 15 minutes will be over, then looking around the room, wondering what else I could be doing. Instead I am actually enjoying the session and amazed when it is over so soon! What a different a positive focused attitude makes!

The lesson I got from this is to listen to my own inner voice. Take what works, change what doesn't, and always go for what feels right for me, not what someone else says is the right way to do something.

What I noticed today is that it actually appears like some of my fat is becoming looser. My clothes are looser, but the fat actually looks like it is getting ready to fall off my body! I think following my path and being joyful about the process will make this faster as well as more fun! It will be interesting to see the results in a couple more days!

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