Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Caring for Self

It is easy for us to push and push and push ourselves. We have lots of responsibilities. There's work. Home. Kids. Spouse. Relatives. Bills. The lawn. The car.

Where do we fit in? Changing our bodies and our eating habits should, and must, include changing some priorities. It is essential that we look out for ourselves and nurture us the way we nurture others.

One of the main reasons we get fat is because we don't nurture ourselves enough. We make poor food choices because they are easy or inexpensive or to numb our feelings. None of these reasons are nurturing.

Most of us take better care of our cars then we do our own bodies. We at least fill the gas tank with the proper fuel, unlike the junk we put in our bodies. We know that if we put water in the car's gas tank, the car won't run because it is not designed to run on water. Know in your heart that if you put the wrong fuel in your personal gas tank your body will also cease to run. It is a mixed blessing that our bodies are so resilient--they run for a long time with the wrong fuel, but most of our illnesses are because of poor fueling over the long haul.

Care for yourself, like you were your own child. If it helps, see yourself when you were little and make decisions based on what would be best for that child if you were in charge. Because you are.

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