Monday, June 8, 2009

Sitting on My A** Paid Off

Sometimes you just have to rest.

I'm not good at sitting around doing nothing. I never have been. I tend to get "antsy".

Not that that helped me to be fit and healthy! It just helped me to be tired and anxious!

Now that I'm listening to my body I am finding that I have (a little) less trouble in the R&R department!

I still like to keep busy, but I have come to appreciate moments of quiet...and I don't just mean meditation. Somehow I can still "count" meditation as "doing something"!

This weekend I found myself suddenly exhausted. All I wanted to do was sit in the shade on my deck and close my eyes. If I'd had a bed out there I would have sprawled out and fallen asleep.

At first I was tempted to force myself to work...go back to my old ways...but then I remembered that my body knows what is best for it. So rather than having a cup of coffee or forcing myself to slog through another task just to get it checked off the list I decided to actually listen to my body.

I went out to my deck and I sat there. Eyes closed, I enjoyed the breeze and the sounds. It was fantastic! I might have even dozed off for a few moments...I'm not really sure!

And you know what? I was rejuvenated after just a little while out there. I didn't need to sleep the rest of the day...I didn't have to ingest copious amounts of caffeine or sugar to get myself through...I did what my body told me to do--I rested. And I felt fantastic the rest of the day and weekend--I had energy to play and get things done that had been on my "to do list" for a long time! And I did it in a healthy way and didn't create feelings of guilt over not eating right or not getting everything done that I said I would.

So this is one time where sitting on my a**, er, behind, paid big dividends!

If you are like me, and your to do list is always bigger than any human could possibly get through, then you deserve to really listen to your body...and sometimes that includes closing your eyes and sitting on your...behind!

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