Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weight Loss Without Dieting Tip: Don't Eat and Drive

Another tip for losing weight with out going on a diet is to avoid eating while you drive.

Because you are focusing on your least I hope you are...eating while you drive is at best a semi-conscious event.

Not only are you less aware of what you're eating--so you'll be inclined to eat more and enjoy it less--the options you typically have for car food are limited...and tend to be high fat and/or sugar.

Instead of eating behind the wheel, stop the car to eat. Be aware of every bite. Choose foods that you really want to nourish your body with--instead of selecting foods base on "can I eat it and not make a mess of my clothes?"

Give yourself those few extra minutes to be able to eat in a more relaxed and conscious way and you will naturally find yourself eating less, being less stressed and losing weight.

Another reason people tend to eat and drive is out of boredom! This is especially on long trips, whether it is a lengthy commute to work or a road trip.

Rather than eating to keep yourself preoccupied, use this time to expand your mind instead of your hips--listen to a book "on tape", practice your affirmations (but don't try to meditate while you drive!) or just sing and do things that bring joy to your body. Any of these activities will help your overall health and help you to lose weight--without being on a diet!

That's the road I'm choosing to motor down!


Anonymous said...

I find myself looking forward to reading your thoughts everyday. Lastnight, I was very tired and instead of grabbing the cheez-its, I went to bed. Thanks for the tip.

Laurie Tossy said...

Thanks Lana!
Be sure to get that rest and avoiding those snacks...
It'll help with your blood sugar levels, actually give you more energy to get more done the next day!