Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For Weight Loss Success Let Go of Control

We stuff our faces in an attempt to control our feelings. We arrange our days and our lives to control our environment and interactions with others. Then when other people don't follow our plan, we feel out of control...and when we feel out of control we eat.

It is ironic that our desire to be in control leads us to overeating and being overweight...and feeling like we are out of control! At least regarding food. We may feel in control about everything else in our lives, but weak when it comes to chocolate, ice cream, pasta...or whatever poison soothes the savage beast inside of us.

Because we become overweight others may seek to change us--to control our appearance or actions. It may be because our appearance is unpleasant to them, or because they are concerned for our health. Whether you are a model told by the industry you would look better and get more jobs if you just lost 10 pounds, or you are a stay-at-home mom being told by her doctor she needs to lose 100 lbs, it is no one else's business to tell you what you "should" do or who you should be. It is your business and yours alone to decide who you are and what you want in your life...

That being said there are times when we can you some help. When we have addictions (to food or anything else) our judgment can be clouded. In that case it can be helpful to seek input from others...but still, the decision is ultimately our own to is our life, our choice, our decision.

Make the decision that you will no longer attempt to control the outside world. Face that you cannot control conditions and others. It will amaze you at how liberating that decision can be!

You only have to control our reactions to your feelings...with the goal of feeling good about yourself...your body, your life, your being.

It does not serve anyone...not you, not your family, not your employer, not the world...for you to suffer and be miserable in an attempt to reach a goal--whether that goal is self-inspired or imposed upon you by others.

Look down the road a bit. See yourself as the happy person you want to be. Focus on that feeling...every day and every moment. Focus on feeling good, feeling healthy and expect improvement...and you will receive and achieve it...without having to control anything!

Letting go of the need to control will actually be the ticket to freeing you to actually get what you want in the first place--a healthy, energetic and slender body!

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