Monday, April 5, 2010

Weight Loss Success Beats All Comparisons

We must stop comparing ourselves to others in order to have weight loss success.

Really this is true whether we are talking about our weight, our size, appearance...or other things like our abilities, financial or social status, possessions, jobs, or anything else in life.

To lose weight successfully...or to do anything well and feel really good about it, you must focus on where you are and where you want to be. It is not your business to be concerned with where anyone else is...this is a big mindset shift for a lot of our culture we are trained early on to "compare and contrast," to rate, to grade and be graded.

The truth is, comparisons only lead to a winner and a loser...and I don't mean losing as in dropping pounds! Sometimes you may feel "better than" the other person, but in my experience we more often suffer from comparisons...we end up on the short end. And truthfully, even if we don't come up short in the comparison, feeling or looking good only because we make someone else (comparatively) wrong or bad or less than does not truly build us up from the inside. We are trapped...victims of the next comparison.

This isn't a race or a competition...but if it were, there is only one person you are in competition with--yourself!

When you look at your weight loss success this way then winning simply means getting better more often than backsliding! Being better, happier, healthier...moment by by day...and that is something all of us can do!

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