Friday, April 9, 2010

Weight Loss Success Overnight

I didn't become obese overnight...and I didn't drop 125 pounds overnight...but the key to successfully losing weight CAN happen in an instant and therefore your success will begin "overnight!"

You and I both know we didn't get to be overweight with just one thought, one meal, one extra snack. It took repeatedly practicing unhealthy thoughts and behaviors until they felt "normal"...and repeating them so frequently that they became second nature and you felt like you weren't choosing...that you actually had to eat that way...that you had no choice.

You do have a choice. Each of us does. We can choose to continue our old patterns. We can choose to make new ones.

The choice happens right now.

The practice happens right now.

Right now and right now and right now and right now. Over and over again.

It takes practice to climb out of the old rut and to carve a new path through the jungle.

But every day we can make that choice and practice small behaviors to make our lives massively better...and this can, and should be, a delicious journey of self-discovery, improved health and joy.

And soon, you will look I have...and realize that you have a closet full of clothes that no longer fit...that haven't fit for a long, long time. It will feel like you got these results overnight because it will have been easy. No struggles. You wake up one morning and you have become the person that you envisioned yourself to be!

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