Saturday, April 24, 2010

Plant It for the Planet and Lose Weight Naturally

We used to love getting in the dirt as kids. Now most of us hesitate to get our fingernails dirty. But getting down and dirty now and then can be good for the planet and our waistline!

If you have a yard and can plant a tree, some bushes, flowers, or vegetables not only will digging in the dirt give you some great exercise you will also be giving back to the environment. The plants naturally give off oxygen we need and help to filter the air.

Growing your own fruit or vegetables is one of the best ways you can help. Not only are you benefiting from the freshest possible food, you are reducing your reliance on produce that is trucked and flown in from around the globe. By growing your own you help reduce emissions and pollution, so you are helping your bottom line and keeping the planet healthy too.

But you don't have to have a yard to get the benefits of digging in the dirt. You can plant a small container garden on your patio or even inside. You might just plant some herbs, or maybe some tomatoes. Even if you don't plant anything to eat, you still get the health benefits of cleaner air. So take a deep breath! Good oxygen intake is an essential part of health and weight loss success.

By making one or two small changes we can definitely have a major impact on our health...we can lose weight naturally and help the planet, too!

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