Friday, July 9, 2010

Dancing the Night and Fat Away

Last night the Celtic Rock group, The Elders, played in town. It was a fantastic night for the event...nice and cool which gave extra incentive to get up and dance!

I feel really fortunate to live in a town that provides fun entertainment during the summer for free. And at concerts like this where we are encouraged to dance we get entertained by the musicians and people watching and if we loosen our inhibitions just a little bit we can burn off a few calories at the same time without going to the gym!

Moving our bodies can be a lot of fun...and if you aren't able to get up and dance, then do what you can. Clapping and swaying to the music, stomping feet and waving arms in the arm all count as moving your body--especially compared to sitting like a log in front of the television.

And you also get at least a short walk in from the car to wherever you are seated...

Make events like this special. One family had a little table with candles and flowers...others at the top of the rise had pop-up rain/sun shelters...bring the kids and wear comfortable clothes.

One word of caution--at this event they were selling ice cream...and I'm sure most venues will have some great treat. You don't have to NOT have it...just make it a conscious choice and realize that you probably won't be dancing it off, even if you dance all night long. My friends bought some and shared it...that worked out really well. They all got some of the great treat, but no one got weighed down. One good thing about treats at these sorts of events...they come with portion control!

Enjoy the events, dance and get your oxygen pumping and muscles moving...and you'll go to sleep with a smile on your face...and maybe wake up with a little less fat on your body!

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