Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Treat Depression for Weight Loss Success

If you've ever been depressed then you probably have seen your weight change dramatically as a result.

For some people, like my mother, weight plummets with depression as the person stops eating.

For others, like me, weight sky-rockets as we increase stress and emotional eating...attempting to drown our sorrows in Ben & Jerry's or increase our serotonin levels with simple carbohydrates.

I'm not going to recommend or dissuade anyone from taking anti-depressants...that is certainly something that you (with the help of a psychiatrist...not just a therapist) must decide for yourself. Especially for the severely depressed, they can help.

That being said, I've never met a doctor who believes the pills are magic all by themselves...there are things you can do to help yourself, either in conjunction with taking the pills or instead of.

A lot of people will suggest that you DO things. This is not a bad idea...but it is secondary.

First you have to BE have to decide that you are the kind of person who does something, who will (and can) handle the emotions. You must decide that you are done with hiding behind food and that you are willing to tackle what comes up.

This can be a scary feels much safer to just go for a walk. The problem is that if we don't tackle the mindset stuff we won't be able to maintain the walks!

First BE. Then DO. Then you will HAVE.

So do the things that you have to do in order to get your mindset going in the right direction (okay, I know that is a "do" word...but it is about mindset, not just action)...first decide that you are worthy of a healthy/slender body and that you deserve to have a healthy mind as well. Then write down your feelings, talk / shout / cry them out...Third, learn to meditate (refer to this week's post on pain management for some tips on for physical and emotional pain)...4th, visualize your body as the healthy person you are becoming...slender, energetic, vibrant, healthy....and 5th, come up with some alternative plans for when emotions come up--things that will work for you instead of eating--keep that list available as you are breaking old habits.

NOW you can do all those things and go for walks and feed your body healthy foods...this will also help boost your serotonin levels and help you feel even better. That's a GOOD cycle!

Before you know it, you will start having results! And you definitely deserve them!!!

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