Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do Instability Shoes Yield Weight Loss Success?

These shoes that keep your body off-balance are really popular...even my 80 year old mother wanted a pair. If you are thinking about them, be sure to try them on and walk around in the store a long time before you plop down some significant change to purchase a pair.

Fortunately I was able to go shopping with Mom...and watching her walk in them was mildly amusing...but more than that it was really concerning me since she looked like she was going to break at the ankles! I was relieved when she decided she didn't like them so I didn't have to tell her not to buy them.

Before you decide right off the bat that you don't want them, be aware that these shoes come in a variety of makes and price points.

Some shoes are made for running, but most of these are strictly walking shoes.

The idea behind them is that by making your walking less stable you are using more muscles which then increases the tone of those muscles and makes your legs overall more fit. Of course, when we have more muscles we also burn more calories.

But do they work?

Yes. No. Maybe. Who really knows?

I bought myself a pair and I love them...they are super comfortable and if nothing else I psychologically think I'm getting more/better exercise. That's not a bad thing. I know that I am getting more fit and that I'm able to walk further, faster. Is that because of the shoes or just because I am walking more?

Hmmm...can't say...but I will say that because the shoes are comfortable I am much more willing to go for a walk!

Have they made me drop weight? Well...again, don't know...but when I'm walking more I also tend to eat better.

Bottom line: try them out and if the shoe fits--go for it! I figure anything that helps us be comfortable helps our mindset be positive and that all encourages us to move our bodies more, which in turn helps us reach our health and fitness goals--including weight loss success!


Steve @ Weight Loss Diet said...

Odd devices that people will try instead of sticking to the basics of weight loss.

Laurie Tossy said...

Steve...to some this may seem like an "odd device" but if it helps people to either move their bodies more or to get better results from the moving they do, then there is nothing "odd" about it in my book.

It is important that we are open to any ideas as long as they are not dangerous. No one method works for every body, including "the basics"...

For years following "the basics of weight loss" did nothing for me. It wasn't until I shifted my mindset for weight loss that I had success...and many people would think that is an "odd device" as well...but it works!