Friday, July 2, 2010

Favorite Foods for True Weight Loss Success

Last week I gave my Chiropractor a copy of my book, Refuse to Diet: Weight Loss Success Starts with Your Mind...Not Your Mouth. He was very excited to get a copy and see what I've been up to. Yesterday when I went back to see him he told me that someone else had already borrowed it from him!

That was a really cool feeling, to know someone was so excited about my book that they asked to borrow his copy...and that he [reluctantly] agreed (she is a very important person in his life, after all!)

He had read a large part of the book and was asking me if I really still have my favorite treat (for those of you who are new to following this blog, that would be ice cream, the richer the better.) I said definitely. I also enjoy pizza, beer, wine and lots of other goodies. I just don't eat them as often or in as large of quantities. And the truth is I don't crave them like I used to!

A huge part of the "magic" is that I no longer put foods that I love on a list of forbidden foods. That didn't work for me. That doesn't mean I have gallons of ice cream on deck (although I have upon occasion.) I prefer to give myself permission to eat whatever I want, give myself smaller portions and then go back for more if I really want it.

See, the next part of the "magic" is making it all a conscious choice.

I couldn't do either parts of the magic when I was dieting, or when I was trying to lose weight because it was what my doctor told me to do, or my mother wanted me to do, or even because I would get a better health insurance rate.

I had to totally decide that I deserved to be healthy...which is a completely different mindset than wanting to lose weight or look good. With this mindset I can enjoy my favorite foods and not stress about what I am eating.

Am I stick skinny? Could I be a model? Hell no...but then that has never been my goal. I am a healthy weight for my body. I can go hiking like I never could before. I enjoy food like never before. I feel better about my body than ever. In my book, that is true weight loss success!


Steve @ Weight Loss said...

My chiropractor began doing weight loss instruction on the side to generate some extra income. Sounds like yours is heading in the same direction.

Laurie Tossy said...

Most chiros are and truly all physicians ought to be interested in helping their patients to optimum health...hopefully not just as a way to generate "extra income."

If your chiro has experience at coaching folks on weight loss that is great...I find it really important to have coaches who have personally experienced being overweight and had success in overcoming some of those issues. Without real life experience it is just "book knowledge"...I've had coaches in the past who said they could help, but having never been overweight themselves they thought it was just about education, willpower, or a simple math formula. Successful, permanent, safe weight loss is SO much more than that!

To your healthy, energetic, slender body!