Monday, July 28, 2008


I agreed to try a new cleanse. I have done fasts before, years ago. I understand the concepts and the benefits to cleaning out the body. I did a cleanse right before Christmas...a different one, and it went really well, and I repeated it this spring. I heard good things about this cleanse, so I thought I would give it a try.

So here I am on day 6 of this cleanse. I have 3 more days.

All in all, it is going pretty well. My energy level is good. I actually am feeling better now than the first couple of days.

I can also definitely tell that I have shed some more fat during this process. But that is not the reason for doing a cleanse, at least not in my opinion. This definitely feels like a "diet"--and I hate that word!

It isn't about "dieting" to lose weight. Cleansing is like cleaning the house. Something that is good for it now and then, but not necessarily my favorite activity. Cleansing is akin to a good, deep spring cleaning, more than just keeping the place clean by eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water and getting exercise.

The jury is still out as to whether or not I will recommend this cleanse or go back to the other cleanse I liked.

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