Sunday, July 20, 2008

Down 45 Pounds and Counting

It has been several months since my last post. While I've been remiss at blogging, I've made great progress in my health!

Since October I have now lost over 45 pounds (I will be weighing in tomorrow, so will have another update then!) That brings my total weight shed since my peak to 85 pounds! Hard to believe that I am the same person!

My clothes have long been hanging on me. Any of you out there with similar yo-yo histories understand that I had a closet filled with many different sizes of clothes. That actually has worked out in my favor as I haven't had to buy much in the way of interim clothes during the process! 2 pair of jeans (which are now pretty loose and will have to be replaced soon!)

Now obviously I'm no fashionista, or I would have bought more new clothes by now. I'm actually quite happy with clothes that feel loose. After years of clothes feeling really tight, it is a very pleasant change!

My goal is to drop another 30 pounds, plus or minus a few. At that point I will see where my new system takes me. My doctor will be thrilled when she sees me next and the 30 pound goal is based on a conversation we had when discussing my health a couple of years ago.

I've now turned 50 (woo-hoo!) and am really enjoying this new phase of my life. I can actually cross my legs--which if you've never been overweight you won't get the thrill--and I am sleeping better than ever. I owe both of these things to dropping excess fat. And I've been doing it in a way that is so far from "a diet" it is amazing!

This is my official welcome back to blogging! Looking forward to sharing more of my successes and challenges as the days go on!

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