Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Incredible Shrinking Woman

I just saw a photo of myself from a couple of years ago--WOW! What a difference!

It is amazing when not "dieting" how the weight is coming off and although I don't always see the progress in the mirror (because it isn't overnight, after all!) when looking at this photo I was genuinely shocked!

It is true I have dropped, in round numbers 85 pounds (the numbers may be round, but I am definitely less so!) I see the difference in my clothes--I'm currently wearing a shirt that use to be tight on me and it is hanging on me now. Still, seeing the photographic evidence was a real eye-opener.

How easy is it to look in the mirror and see only the work that is left to be done? That is why it is good to have a more objective view. That can be the scale, but I prefer to combine other tools rather than relying on just the number. By relying on just the number it becomes to easy to focus on that rather than the overall goal which is health.

So, don't throw out the scale, but use it only as ONE of the tools in your arsenal to help you acknowledge your progress. With supporting evidence of photographs, baggy clothes, and actual body measurements, the number on the scale is much more meaningful and can be a real positive boost to ones self-image!

Woo-hoo! I'm doing great and feeling awesome!

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