Monday, July 21, 2008

Partying and Over Doing

I have been eating pretty well lately, but the other day I was invited to an impromptu gathering at a neighbor's house. I had a glass of champagne (which I love) and the glass never seemed to get empty.

Before I knew it, I had consumed quite a bit of alcohol which then in turn loosened "the munchies" and I ate more than a few bits of cheese and crackers.

Well, it was a fun party and parties are a part of life after all, so what do I do from there? Even naturally slender people overindulge once in a while. They don't berate themselves for it (sometimes for the behavior after the overindulgence, but not for the over consumption of calories!)

I pat myself on the back because I was able to avoid the old pattern of beating myself up for having "slipped" or "fallen off the wagon". Since I'm not "dieting" there is no diet wagon to fall from!

Rather than speak to myself with disgust and/or throw in the towel regarding my health goals, I chose to be gentle with myself the next day and to be sure to eat good healthy foods that would energize me and heal the damage done from the previous day. I drank a lot of water and rested, and gave myself permission to be an imperfect human being.

Boy, did that feel good. And it feels even better today when I know that I am still moving forward towards a healthier, trimmer Laurie.

I have met a lot of challenges without being tempted, which I thought was great. This success is perhaps even better! This was just one of those times when the food and drink were there and flowing and my self-control was hindered by the alcohol. I am very reassured to know that I can still come back from that and feel good about myself and be confident that I will achieve my goals!

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