Monday, August 25, 2008

The Best Omega 3 Supplements

I realized that I did not follow up on the Omega 3 supplements entry I made a few days ago.

I found it very interesting that the day after I posted that blog entry I got in the mail an advertisement for a health food store, and it had an article about Omega 3 also and how it can help people lose weight--they referenced the same study that I had found elsewhere.

So, eating the right kinds of fat actually help us to lose our own body fat. I love it! What are the best supplements? My friend, Dr. Linda Larson (you can visit her blog and get some additional tips for your health, says that a supplement needs to be tested for potency, effectiveness and safety. Apparently most supplements aren't really tested. The manufacturer might buy the components that make up the supplement without testing the shipment. Why is that a problem? Because mistakes can happen, for one, and for another, pollution and toxins also happen.

So when buying supplements, be sure they are actually tested with every shipment that goes to the manufacturer. That will give you the greatest assurance of purity, lack of contaminants and strength.

So whose products meet those standards? There is a company out of Utah that tests every shipment of every item before they make it into their supplements. If the component doesn't pass their strict tests, the shipment is rejected, and (presumably) sold to someone who isn't as stringent in their standards.

This company actually has two Omega 3 products. One has a higher percentage of krill than the other. Both go through the same rigorous testing process. The company is called Pharmanex and is a division of NuSkin Enterprises. You won't find these supplements in any store--they are only available through independent distributors.

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