Friday, August 1, 2008

Cleanse is Over

Here are the results of my 9 day cleanse:

I lost 12 pounds. My body fat went down another %. I lost about 9 inches overall.

Those are the objective measures. From those one would say that it was a success (because how do I know if I'm any "cleaner" on the inside?)

Here are some of my thoughts on the process:

I was hungry. A lot of the time.
I felt deprived. A lot of the time.
It felt like being on a diet. Which you know I am not in favor of.
I did not feel energized or have more mental clarity than before--but then I have been eating very healthy foods and drinking lots of fluids.

Would I do it again? No. Would I recommend it to others? Perhaps if they have not been eating well already. This could be a good "jump start" for someone.

I am glad to be back on my normal program now. I knew I could do just about anything for 9 nine days, and I did. But for me, this is about my life longterm and I didn't feel like it was a program I could or would want to continue regularly.

Nope, I'm back to my healthy routine of great nutrition and gentle exercise. And I don't anticipate trying anything else!

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