Sunday, August 10, 2008

Joy is Key to Healthy Weight

When I feel less than joyful (whether that is sad, angry, anxious or even depressed) it is a big challenge for me to retain my physical health. It is more than just the fact that these "negative" emotions cause me direct harm. If I allow myself to wallow in them, my attitude about myself in general begins to spiral downward, making it harder and harder for me to care enough to make the effort to live a healthy life.

Therefore, I find it important to resolve to do something every day that brings me joy and allows me to feel good about myself. Some of these things are daily routines, like my gratitude journal or going for a walk in the fresh air.

I also make the effort to do something "special" every month that brings me "special joy". These are the things that are not routine. It could be getting away for a couple of days--either to the mountains, like I did recently, or to the City to catch a show. It also includes taking advantage of seasonal events in my neighborhood. For me this weekend that was attending 2 different sculpture shows. I spent an entire day at each show, the "Invitational" and Sculpture in the Park

Attending events like this feed my spirit. I get to meet lots of wonderful, friendly and talented artists and see fantastic pieces of all styles and media. I am in hog heaven, as it were. For you it may be the County Fair--it is that time of year, folks!

When you attend the events, there will no doubt be lots of opportunities to eat! If there is a "treat" that will absolutely make the fair for you, but you "shouldn't have it"...see if you can share it with a friend (or 2 or 3!). Even if no one will share it with you, commit to eating only 3/4 of it! You will be surprised at how good that makes you feel as it puts you in the driver's seat.

When you ask yourself if you are going to have the treat be aware of a couple of things, 1. the fact that you are even asking yourself if you are going to have the treat means you are gaining control--that's awesome, pat yourself on the back! 2. If you want it, but it isn't going to make the event for you, try walking around for a while and see if the desire goes away. Sometimes it is just seeing the stand that makes it seem so appealing! 3. If you decide you are going to have the treat, under no circumstances should you beat yourself up over it. Have it and enjoy it, and resolve to keep moving and making the best healthiest choices every day.

Remember--it is NOT A DIET, IT IS YOUR LIFE!

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