Friday, October 9, 2009

Stress Making You Fat?

I tend to eat when I feel stressed. I learned this "trick" early in life...not sure how or where since my mother tends to NOT eat when she is stressed. But I learned it somewhere...and I learned it very, very well.

Whenever I would feel stressed or anxious I would reach for food...and I don't mean carrot sticks! Comfort foods are rarely healthy and my favs were high-fat, high-sugar, high-carb items like ice cream, cookies, M&Ms and hot bread with gobs of butter.

Cramming these foods down led to a temporary sense of calm but it didn't last long. It was rapidly followed by a sugar crash and more anxiety.

Not only did the cause of my initial stress NOT go away, now it was compounded by my self-loathing. I was angry at myself for being "weak"...the sugar crash left me feeling depressed...and the resultant weight gain gave me yet another thing to be anxious about.

Was that enough to get me to break the cycle? Heck no! The fleeting pleasure was enough for me to go after it, again and again. Like any other drug addict, I had to eat more and more sugar to get the feeling...and more and more often.

Thus a vicious, fattening cycle began early in my life, and continued until my late forties.

Learning to deal with stress and anxiety in a healthier way is one of the keys to achieving weight loss success.

Some of the weight loss tools that I have used to drop 125lbs and teach others to use are meditation, affirmations and self-love. I have shared some of my weight loss tips for handling stress in earlier posts. I will continue to recommend and teach them and I am always looking for new tools for success. I know that learning is very important...and no single tool or weight loss tip will work for every single body.

Earlier this year I met a wonderful gentleman named Ron Matthews. Ron is a certified energy medicine practitioner and he has opened my eyes to this field. Very impressive stuff!

Ron has developed a course specifically about reducing the effects of stress and anxiety using energy medicine--the first course of its kind.

You've heard me talk about my good friend and mentor, Dr. Linda Larson (you can visit her site Dr. Linda and Ron have teemed up to offer a very special free teleseminar, teaching about stress & anxiety and how to tame it with energy medicine.

I'm very excited to attend this teleseminar and I hope you will join me! I'm looking forward to learning some healthy tips that will help me through the stresses that are just a part of life!

To learn more about this teleseminar--it is free and there is no obligation--go to

Let me know what you think about the teleseminar...what stikes you the you are going to implement what you learned.

I've been talking to Ron about developing a special teleseminar specifically tailored for using energy medicine to assist in weight loss...and I would love to hear what you think about the stress and anxiety call and if you are interested in learning more about energy medicine.

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